Green Peppercorn: Laos and Thai

Laos and Thai? Aww yiss. Now surely everyone’s heard of Holy Basil (great restaurant, I know) but what about an alternative? Well Green Peppercorn it is! Just located about a 5-10 minute walk from the station (1 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield), may look like a pub from the outside but it’s there alright. Great atmosphere when walking in (nothing like a pub mind you), you got great wall decorations, statues, some Thai themed cups, even a taxi from Thailand. Got the Thai feel? Check!

Now for the food. So what did we order for the mains and drinks? Your typical Pad Thai (tasted like Pad Thai), some BBQ’d Ox Tongue (holy damn so good!), some crispy pork belly dish on a bed of greens (yes!), a roast duck red curry (didn’t get a photo of this 😦 but damn it was good) and some sticky rice and all. For drinks we just got the shakes they had, something like avocado, custard apple, peach and lychee (so refreshing).

(okay I know it’s just sticky rice but it’s a cool container)

Now, since the standards have been set by Holy Basil, what kind of cuisine is this without dessert. So what do we have? Your typical deep-fried ice cream (which unfortunately wasn’t crispy at all so wasn’t that great to be honest) annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd Pandan Creme-Brulee (threw my money at this thing). So good, it literally melted in your mouth.

Verdict? Okay, it’s easy to get to, atmosphere was good, the mains were awesome, it was reasonably priced, desserts…the deep fried ice cream was a total let down, but that creme brulee made up for that. Yeah come and try it, especially if you got no car to get to Holy Basil; like me. 😀

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3 thoughts on “Green Peppercorn: Laos and Thai

  1. I was fortunate enough to be invite to the opening of this restaurant. Some of the food was really good and I’ve been keen to go back sometime to give it a proper go.

    Thanks for the tip on the mains. Been wanting to go back for more of their pork belly and also they BBQ chicken was really nice too.

  2. Natasha J Stewart says:

    Great pictures. I’m also loving the thought of pandan brulée. Perhaps I’ll have to try making my own sometime.

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