Il Tratto Ra Ro Pizzeria

Who doesn’t like Italian? The home of pizzas, pastas and other carby goodness! I actually went here a few months ago but I should probably blog about it now. Tratto Ra Ro Pizzeria (108 Majors Bay Rd, Concord), along with it’s obscure name, is actually a really nice family owned restaurant with great Italian food. Walking in had a little cosy feel, you could really tell it was home owned. Atmosphere was great and the staff were heaps friendly! Unfortunately though there was like a 16 year old having a party there (who does that?) so it was terribly loud and packed.

Now with the food. What we ordered was pretty typical at an Italian restaurant. You got your pizzas, your pastas and some specialised entrees. So for entrees we had a platter of just grilled mushrooms, some omelette (forgot what it was!) and the best part, deep fried mozarella and ricotta cheese.

For mains, we had a scampi spaghetti in Neapolitan sauce, a gnocchi in some white creamy sauce (delicious!!), a prawn spaghetti and of course, a nice vegetarian pizza (yes yes yes):

It was great, food was good, service was good, price was reasonable! Would definitely come again and you should try it too! 😀

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