El Loco: Mexican Cantina

Meat, sour cream, habaneros; welcome to Mexican cuisine!

So where to? Well when we felt like Mexican, where better than El Loco’s Mexican Cantina? Located about a 10 minute walk from Central (64 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW), it’s super easy to get to and to sum it up; food was great.

As soon as we arrived, felt a little bit of Mexico already, with the obscure restaurant front and all it’s colours 😀

Okay so this is where it got weird, not the best ordering system but 1) it was packed to the brim and 2) we had no idea what we were doing. Menus nowhere to be seen, you got a bar and a kitchen. So after much trouble it turns out you order at the bar and the menu is at the bar. Get yo stuff ready and you’re good to go.

What’s on the agenda you ask? Well together we went for a hot dog (okay I know, Mexican food; eats a hot dog…that logic) and 2 tacos, one tofu, and one queso! And then we both got hungry again and got ourselves a “salad”. Now I know it’s not the most appetising photos out but just take my word for it, it’s good.

Side note: I thought it was cool, but the table numbers so they know where the food goes was in a wooden cactus:

Now here are the photos of food, please take note, that cheese was the fluffiest stuff I’ve ever eaten, may seem a lot but it was super puffy (and soooo goood, not heavy at all):

Hot dog? OH YEAH. That thing was packed with habaneros (chilli is the best, I even drizzled it with more habanero sauce), some home made mayo, mustard and the sausage itself was nice. Also that cheese on top was so good (again, it was fluffy, not overloaded at all). $9

Tofu Taco (All tacos are $5). I like tofu, Rita had this one but yum, it was nice (and vegetarian friendly!) She had many problems eating it (okay, I guess Mexican IS one of the messiest cuisines). Hilarities were ensured 🙂

And I forgot to take photos of the other taco, but here, have a “salad”

Yes, now you know why it’s in quotation marks. (They really love that cheese), It’s got tortilla chips covered with cheese and inside the salad we got cabbage (a lot of it), avocado (best), radish, all other kinds of veggies, tofus and nice sweet and salty kind of dressing (goes really well with the habanero sauce; try it). ($12)

All up, not much to say, it’s reasonably priced Mexican food. The environment was great (it was really nice to just sit there), food came out relatively fast and the food itself was awesome. If I could say anything, probably would be to not close the outside area so early (we got moved to inside at like 9 or something, really annoying).

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