Jamie’s Italian

We’ve all heard about the hype of this restaurant so we decided to check it out ourselves. Is it worth the wait? You’ve come to the right place to find out 😉

Okay so we should all know that it’s owned by Jamie Oliver, the celebrity British chef. And yeah, that guy knows how to design a nice restaurant. Conveniently placed about a 5 minute walk from Wynyard station (107 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW), the modern Italian design had a really homey feel to it. Luckily for us, we came a bit earlier (for a late lunch) so we only had to wait 15 minutes but by the time we were out (~5:30pm), there was already a line forming

where the fresh pasta is made (right at the front)

this is actually where the waiters prepare plates, towels and cutlery, thought it was cool

So far so good. Maitre d’ was friendly and assisted our friend, Clarissa when she came late to the table, but I think the real problem came when ordering. Ordering our sides were fine, we got a Baked Mushroom ($14.50) and just some funky chips ($5.90).

But our mains…after a long discussion about what we wanted to eat, we came to a decision but one of the problems we had was that..no one was there to serve us when we had made our decision. Now ok, I understand, the place was packed out, but we couldn’t find a non-occupied waiter anywhere. After several minutes, we finally got a waiter that was cleaning our initial sides up. Also, our complementary bread was nowhere to be seen until asked. Wasn’t too happy with that! 😦

Enough of that rant though, time to get to the food. So what do we have? We started with sides; some Baked Mushrooms and  Funky Chips (oh and we finally got our pesto covered bread).

Now the Baked Mushrooms was nice! It was a bed of mushrooms with some mozzarella on top of a thin bread pastry (music bread they call it). Kind of like a pizza but the bottom of the bread was way to soggy to be lifted up. Really light starter. And in the background we have our (small serving) of funky chips. Now take note, the funky chips were really mediocre. They weren’t crunchy and the seasoning was average. Tasted like it’d been out for a while instead of it being fresh.

Now for the mains. (In Order) We have a Casarecce Siciliana ($15), Truffle Tagliantelle ($24,50), Black Angel Spaghetti ($22) and Veal Saltimbocca ($27.50). Now the Casarecce Siciliana was nice. It was pesto infused pasta tossed with tomatoes, olives and other ingredients (I forgot :D). Simple and nice.

Next up is the Truffle Tagliantelle. A super buttery and cheesy pasta with a bit of black truffle shaved on top. Now it’s nice…but in small quantities. Something I’d probably get sick of after a while (because it’s so dairy heavy).

Now my personal favourite, the Black Angel Spaghetti. Why the obscure name? Because it uses squid ink infused spaghetti giving it a deep black look with a nice and different pasta texture. It was served with some scallops and overall, really nice. Didn’t taste too much Italian, more fusion in my opinion.

Finally, the Veal! It was really well cooked veal with a really good marinade (this spicy salsa) and served with some lemon to give the sourness. So good. Definitely try this one (thanks Clarissa for the suggestion!)

Value? Hmm, I’m moving towards the ‘ok’ side. These dishes are quite pricey but I guess they’re really well made (excluding that funky chip), my favourite part would have to be the pasta itself. Freshly made, it was the best. Also the servings were pretty small (we got the larger size and I thought it was reasonably small). We shared our stuff and they offered us sharing plates which was a nice sentiment. All up we ended up paying $29 each? And got to try so many different things. Pretty pleased! (go with friends!).

You should give this join a visit but lets be honest, it’s all clouded with hype! Well that’s my say. Also would like to thank Steven, Angela and Clarissa for the evening and putting up with my photographing (we were starving :P)

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One thought on “Jamie’s Italian

  1. I keep forgetting that Jaime has a restaurant in Sydney. I wanted to try the the one in London when I was there last but didn’t get a chance to. Will have to make note to try this place. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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