Reuben Hills

Was a must on my things-to-do-list, and tl;dr, it didn’t disappoint! That’s right, the notorious Reuben Hills, fellow foodies!

So for you who don’t know what it is, Reuben Hills is a super trendy, super cosy cafe located about a 10  minute walk from Central station (61 Albion Street, Surry Hills, NSW). If you didn’t know the exact location though, fear not, it wasn’t hard to find…especially with the crowd outside. That’s right, there was a line…at 11am. But hey I guess it wasn’t too bad, the moment we walked in we got our names on the list and was waiting in the line. It was only about a 15 minute wait so meh, can’t complain! Besides, got some nice shots of the interior:

(yes!! an empty table for us)

So what’s the cafe looking like so far? Quick service to get a table set up (it was already super busy), nice chilled beats playing, decor was really modern looking (dat water bottle!); atmosphere? Check!

But I know what you want, you want that food. Alright, how about we start off with drinks? So word of mouth is that this place made amazing milkshakes…so we got ourselves a salted caramel milkshake and a coconut&lime milkshake.

(okay it’s not the best photo but it’s just milkshake alright?!)

Comments? Salted caramel milkshake….yes. So much yes. So good. It was smooth but rich in that salted caramel goodness. The kind of goodness you want to bathe in every evening. And that coconut&lime milkshake, it was really rich too, came with shaved coconut in the bottom so drinking it had different textures. Not too big a fan of coconut so this one definitely goes to the salted caramel (yeyesyeyesyseyeyes)

Now to food. Firstly, should probably add, the menu was really entertaining to read, things like an “Affogato: that shit cray” and my favourite, “really f@#$%^g great fried chicken”. But enough babbling, what did we order? a NOT reuben wagyu brisket sandwich, a heirloom tomato, goats cheese, rocket etc. on rye and of course..the master soft baked eggs (we’ll get to that shortly).

the NOT reuben wagyu brisket sandwich on rye? Yum. I only had a little taste (wasn’t my dish!) but I can tell you, that meat is to die for. It was tender, full of flavour and just worked with everything. Definitely thumbs up on this ($16):

Next up we got the heirloom tomatoes topped with some rocket and confit garlic on top of a bed of labna cheese spread. Now I didn’t actually try this but I’m going to take the words of the feeder, “damn this stuff really works well together”. Vegetarian too so if you’re an omnivore, give it a try!

I know it looks like a salad, but look! rye bread is hiding there

Now for mine, the soft baked eggs. I’m just going to straight out and say it. This stuff is the bomb. Yes x100. So a run-down of what you have, 2 baked eggs (basically felt like poached eggs) on a bed of ranchero sauce (like a salsa) and on top was a bed of spinach and some jamon (like prosciutto). On the side of course you also have some toasted rye bread. What can I say. The eggs were cooked to perfection, yolk was like a river, whites weren’t runny and that combination between spicy and sour from that ranchero with the egg was sublime. Along with the spinach and ranchero? Wouldeat10xaday. Definitely give this a try. Do it.

So overall, definitely give it a try. Certainly lives up to the right to be featured on sites! Milkshakes (salted caramel; frothing) were amazing, Food was delicious, atmosphere was awesome and the prices were ok. Service was maybe a bit iffy here and there (we felt maybe a bit rushed since they were trying to get people moving about and the waitress was terribly unenthusiastic). But hey, it’s a nice feed to start the day! And if you’re lazy like me it’s not too hard to get to either which is the best news you can get. 😀

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