Chilli Jam, Parramatta

Hello all! I am back! Had a lot of work and just had no time to keep up the foodie business but don’t worry!

Now I know…another Thai restaurant? Okay, okay I know, but hey, I was just walking along John St, remember someone telling me about it so why not. Chilli Jam ladies and gents:

Just along Church St towards the end of the strip of restaurants in Parramatta (325 Church St Parramatta NSW), it wasn’t a relatively congested part of the restaurant area, so navigation to it wasn’t too much of a hassle. Walking in I hadn’t that much of a high expectation. It seemed like your typical Thai restaurant. Restaurant interior was nice, it was modern somewhat combined with Thai decor. In short, had a real lively atmosphere (sorry, no snaps of this!).

Now to the food…having eaten at quite a few very nice Thai restaurants, I couldn’t really order things that were new to me. The menu had quite a lot of variety but nothing out of the ordinary. Stir-fries, curry, soups; your typical Thai stoof. So what we ordered: Red curry with duck, Tom Yum Goong Soup and I guess what you would call, their ‘speciality’; a Chilli Jam stir-fry with Fish.

The Red Curry was actually quite nice…neglecting the Duck (which really, should’ve been the trophy of the dish). It was creamy, full of flavour, vibrant (presentation-wise) and contained lychees and pineapples which contrasted really well and was mildly refreshing. The real let down though was definitely the duck. It was dry and the skin just didn’t have that drooling-factor. Skin felt like it had been left out and all those juices gone to waste! For their sake, I hope it was a one-off.

Here’s the Tom-Yum Goong! Now…in comparison to other Tom-Yum soups in other restaurants…there’s not much to comment on, especially because it’s such a generic dish (sorry for the boring choice). The prawns were cooked nice though and there were plenty of greens and mushrooms (maybe a bit more mushroom-y than others). Overall..nothing special!

And here is their ‘speciality’. A chilli-jam stir fry with fish in it (you can opt to which meat you want). As a stir-fry, yeah I guess it was pretty nice. The chilli-jam had a nice sweetness to it, worked really well with everything and very nice with rice/sticky rice. But again, chilli-jam is a relatively generic ingredient and the flavours were nothing out of the ordinary to your average Thai dish.

Overall? Well, the food here was nothing out of the ordinary. Flavours seemed relatively generic with some parts being just hit and misses (roast duck!). If you’re looking for Thai cuisine, no doubt this will suffice..but just by the minimum. It had no ‘wow’ factor for me, but keep in mind again, having eaten at many Thai restaurants, my opinion on the quality may differ to yours!

Chilli Jam on Urbanspoon


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