Milkbar, Newtown

Having original intentions of visiting Milk Bar by Cafe Ish in Redfern, I came here to the Newtown as a second option because Cafe Ish was closed for the day (what a shame)! But oh well, things happen. Here’s my review of Milkbar in Newtown (not to be confused by Milk Bar by Cafe Ish):

Walking in felt great. Really enjoyed the interior. Simple but as Angela would put it, somewhat “rustic”.

Along with the great environment, it was also worth mentioning the service. The waiters were nice, responsive and food didn’t take long at all to come out (aww

So we’ll just start off with drinks. Nothing at all too fancy, Steven and I went with a Banana Hazelnut smoothie (yes x100) and Clarissa and Angela with a mango smoothie:

Banana Hazelnut (Front) and Mango Smoothie (Back)  ~$6

Mango smoothie ($5.50) was nice, it was refreshing and filled with flavour! But now, the Banana Hazelnut ($6)…that was on another level. Not only was it just jam packed with the flavours of banana and hazelnut but there were chunks of both floating around. Every sip was just amazing! I highly recommend you give this a shot.

Another side note for the drinks, it comes with those fancy red and white straws you see, but it’s worth noting that  it has a paper exterior so the longer you were drinking that, the straw eventually got soggy and after every sip would have that annoying thing where it sticks to your mouth because it’s paper. Cool straws though. 😛

Onto food. Menu was alright, it had a mix of Mexican to Italian to your regular cafe stuff. I guess variety is okay but you have a trade-off of that traditional taste. So we got a Traditional Beef Burger, a char-grilled Chicken Burger (both burgers served with chips and extra aioli sauce), a Chicken Quesadilla and a Linguine with smoked bacon and mushrooms.

Traditional Beef Burger ($14)

What was amazing about this burger? Nothing really. It was actually as it is on overpriced traditional beef burger. Which I’m pretty sure they forgot tomato relish or something even remotely close to a sauce. At least the bread was nice though. Tasted fresh and had the freshly-toasted crunch to it. Disappointing!

Char-Grilled Chicken Burger ($14)

Again, another disappointment. I didn’t even try to move things around in the burger for a better shot because I wanted to show something wrong with this picture. Can you see it? I’ve got at least 30 whole lettuces shaved onto that thing. The chicken was char grilled to the point of it being a piece of chicken jerky and the peri peri sauce that was put on it barely made an impact to the taste. It felt like “why bother putting it there?”.  Again, bread was nice, everything else…disappointed (and overpriced)!

Chicken Quesadilla

The Quesadilla was actually quite nice (and the most inexpensive item out of what we ordered). Wasn’t dry, wasn’t too crunchy. It was pretty good. Went really well with the corn and sour cream too. At last, a dish that wasn’t overpriced and disappointing. As Steven said as well, it was filling as well!

Unfortunately I didn’t get  a photo of the Linguine (somebody was too eager to eat it *cough* Angela). But from what I ate, it was salty. I think a lot more salty than it should be. Everything else was relatively ok as well. You could taste that smoked bacon and mushroom flavour throughout so that was a good sign!

Overall? Drinks: Yes! Brilliant, they’ve hit the nail on that one (just going to emphasise that Banana Hazelnut again, damn!). Atmosphere: Very chilled, very relaxing. Service: Good! They were kind and drinks and food didn’t take too long! Food: No. Very disappointed. I think the menu is overpriced and somebody needs to rethink how they’re throwing this stuff together.

If you’re looking for a drink and just to relax, this is the place. If you’re looking for food, it’s a hit and miss.

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