Pesci’s Mediterranean & Seafood (A Cairns Special)

I know, I know; I’ve been gone for a while, but don’t worry, I will try to get it regularly updated again. As you can see from the title, I did indeed go to Cairns (so goooood) and well I decided to spend at least one night to work on a Cairns foodblog post. At last here it is; Pesci’s Mediterranean & Seafood:

If you ever take a visit to Cairns, you should know that along most the city, lies an almighty waterfront. Being along a pier (Pier Market Place, QLD), the view from the restaurant is no exemption from a great great view. As we walked into the area we were greeted by the most giddy waiters I’ve ever encountered in my life. Italian accent to the bone they took us to our table in what almost seemed like a routine comedy act. So my impression at this point: atmosphere? You’re sitting in front of a quiet water view along a pier (so that would be a “good”). Service? Yeah these guys were good, know exactly how to handle a hungry customer! (Except maybe not a grumpy-hungry customer, perhaps a bit intrusive at times). Along with that, upon sitting down, we were given a bowl of complementary cinnamon snacks. Savoury and a bit sweet, it was a nice simple snack:

Now to the menu! What did it have? Your typical Seafood Italian menu but also with a slight mix of Spanish (beverages and food; we’ll get to that soon). So to start off we got ourselves a huge jug of delicious Spanish sangria, mind you, it was really really nice:

Sangria – $(oops forgot, around $40)

And now..fooooood (sorry for the wait). Prices were I’d say in the mid-high range but reasonable for a tourist!

So to start things off, a plate of something different. Watermelon Oysters. Basically oysters topped off with some sweet watermelon juice and chunks, replacing your normal lemon juice. Putting some rock salt on top, really brought out the taste of that watermelon. It was new..and weird but crunch from the watermelon and slimy oyster texture was a nice combination!

Watermelon Oysters – $17 (for half a dozen)

For the mains, I got myself a delicious Conchiglie & Ragu. Basically it was large shell-like pasta cooked with an extremely tender and slow cooked beef in pomodoro sauce mix. Packed with flavour and that ridiculously well made fresh Conchiglie, it was certainly a home run!

Conchiglie & Ragu – $29

Along with that there was a plate of fresh Mussels steamed and topped with a super tasty White Wine and herb sauce (seriously, I could’ve drunk that thing). It also had some bread topped off which had a hint of garlic and went so well with that sauce, they were made for each other.

Black Mussels – $20

Last but not least, we also had something from the Spanish side of things. A Seafood Spanish Paella. Cooked with some prawns, fish, chicken, chorizo and other meaty goodies, it was also topped with some Moreton Bay Bus and served in traditional Paella pan! How was it? Yeah it was nice. Wasn’t exactly a traditional tasting Paella, but the flavours with the seafood worked. Wasn’t my favourite but it was definitely above standard.

Seafood Paella – $40

So to end a well-deserved trip to Cairns, I think Pesci’s did a pretty good job. Food service was quick on their feet and the atmosphere and food was great. Sitting on the pier during the sunset, drinking a glass of delicious Sangria and eating some great Mediterranean cuisine? Yeah I’d come back if I ever go to Cairns again and if you ever decide to drop a visit, you should too!

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