circa, Parramatta

I know, I apologise to all of you about my absence, I swear I’ve been buried with work and everything! But not to worry foodies, I come today with a nice treat for all of you..

For those unfamiliar with the name, circa is a quirky little cafe almost hidden in a small street away from the loud and busy Parramatta environment (21 Wentworth St Parramatta, NSW). Conveniently located 5 minutes away from the station and next to a shopping centre parking lot (with 3 hours free parking), if you ever feel the need for a delicious feed, you definitely don’t need to worry about the hassle of getting there.

Being sandwiched between a house and a shop just out near the station, it was definitely a place easy to glance your eyes over:

Front of the Cafe

The interior of the actual cafe was very cosy and somewhat remedial; the kind of place you’d sit with a coffee and lose your sense of time. While I was there, I constantly looked around and yet kept finding something new amongst the decor.

Example of the funky wall art

Where the magic happens

To start off my afternoon brunch, I had one of their house-blend lattes. Now I’m not the biggest coffee drinker but I can definitely tell a good cup from a terrible one. This coffee was nothing short of amazing! I usually add sugar to mine but having a sip of this creamy goodness, I felt that it’d be an offence to taint it with sugar. It had a nutty smooth flavour to it and the subtly sweet after-taste left you wanting more.

House-Blended Latte ($3.50)

But of course, this isn’t a drink-blog it’s a food-blog. For the meals, we ordered an Ottoman Eggs and of course, Baked Eggs! Before I start off the food though, I should probably add, service was top notch. Quick, waiters were nice and very organised!

Lets start off with the Ottoman Eggs:

Ottoman Eggs – $13

The Ottoman Eggs was a piece of sourdough bread piled with garlic labne (like a yoghurt spread), some crumbed eggplant (YUM) and topped with a poached eggs, roasted chilli and sage. One word to describe it? Delectable. The key feature of this dish was definitely that crumbed eggplant oozing with the garlic labne. It was tangy, crunchy but contrasted perfectly with the mushy eggplant texture. Now combine it with a perfectly poached egg with that runny yolk and sourdough bread and you have a winner in my mind right here–and yes, it’s vegetarian!

Now for the delicious baked eggs:

Baked eggs with Sujuk – $13

The baked god…the baked eggs. I’ll start off with what’s in it before I start to drool on my keyboard. The dish itself wasn’t on a dish but rather a pan. Simple, aesthetic and efficient (kept the food warm, less cleaning up etc.). Now the ‘pan’ itself was composed of 2 oven baked eggs in a bed of Sujuk (for those who don’t know, it’s like a spicy Turkish version of a chorizo that’s made of lamb), tomatoes, Greek feta cheese and topped with a bit of rocket with a side of sourdough bread. In was definitely one of my best breakfast/brunch meals. Everything in the dish worked perfectly together. The Sujuk was meaty and spicy and slightly chewy from the oven but it matched perfectly with the soft tomatoes and the tang of the Greek feta. Combine with the runny yolks and with the crunch of the sourdough bread and you have yourself a party in your mouth.


Now just combine everything you just read together. Relaxing environment with quirky decor, great service, amazing coffee and sublime food to go with your cuppa…what more could you ask from a cafe? If I had limitless money, time and a stomach that could fit everything, I would definitely try that entire menu.

But seeing that I can’t, circa will be expecting me in the new future and you should definitely try it out yourself, it is definitely the hidden gem of Parramatta 🙂

Circa on Urbanspoon


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