The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

Lets backtrack a month or 2 back and you would’ve recalled me going to a place also called “Milkbar” ( You probably would’ve also recalled me going to there because it was “second” choice when I had discovered Cafe Ish’s one was closed for the day. Well, slowly, but surely, I finally got to try this kick-ass joint:

I’ve been to quite a few quirky cafes and this being considered one of them, I found it a slightly underwhelming atmosphere when I walked in. While it had its own characteristics of its own, the interior didn’t really feel all too comfortable (but it did have two awesome retro-gaming tabletops). The staff were pretty cool people too, so that was a plus.

Wall of gigs coming up

This is what you call a tabletop

Coming into a Milk Bar, clearly one of the things on my mind were the milkshakes. A bit pricey at $7.50 each but (in my opinion) could definitely fit as a serving for 2 (you’ll soon understand why). To start off our soon to be meal, we ordered up a PBJ shake, Orient Express (matcha green tea shake with red bean) and a salted caramel milkshake. In short; these milkshakes were out of this world.

PBJ Milkshake – $7.50

My Peanut Butter Jelly milkshake, if I were to describe it as simply as possible, tasted like a Peanut Butter Jelly sandwich in drink form. It completely nailed the taste. Filled with chunks of Jam and peanut in it as well (this actually got a bit annoying because it was annoying to drink out of the straw), it certainly was a heart-clogging, pupil-dilating cup of deliciousness.

Orient Express

Unfortunately I didn’t take a snap of the salted caramel milkshake but really, it was one of the best I’ve had (coming only second to Reuben Hills). It was thick and the caramel flavours were just exploding in my mouth. Also the Orient Express was delicious. Maybe lately I’ve been in the green-tea mood but really, I think it appeals to everyone. With the red bean in it too, it certainly was a killer.

And if you think $7.50 is pricey, it’s probably worth mentioning that the malt cup sitting beside these photos (given to you along with it) was about halfway filled with more of these miracle liquids! Definitely give this one a try.

Now combine these shakes with food and you got yourself a meal. The Milk Bar has really earned a name in making burgers. In case you don’t know how it works, you choose your choice of burger (cheese, chicken, falafel etc.) and the real magic lies behind the toppings. On top of the burger you have your choice of various toppings (varies about $5 each) such as Italian (and other things which I forgot woops). But they do have other things. On my agenda, we had Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken Wings, a falafel burger (for you veggie lovers) with Italian topping, a chicken burger with Italian topping and my Crab Omelette.

Food did take a while to come out but it’s ok, we had double milkshakes to fill the void.

Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken Wings – $13

Now the chicken wings were crispy to the days. I don’t know what they did to this thing but all you could feel was the crunch when chomping into it. You also had a choice of sauce and as the chef told me “should’ve gone with vinegar”. Unfortunately we went with hot sauce which really, wasn’t too bad either. Rookie mistake! In retrospect though, they were great chicken wings. Could definitely go for a batch right now.

Chicken Burger with Italian Topping – $9

Falafel Burger – $?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to have a try of these burgers but from what I was told from my foodies, they were some great burgers. Fulfilling and delicious!

I did however, get to eat this thing:

Crab Omelette with Chips – $15

Words to describe it…”yum”. It was something different and I liked it. The sauce that went with it was very sweet and tangy (with the extra zest added with the lime juice) and went beautifully with the omelette itself. Digging into that, I loved every bit about it. You had textures of the soft egg one end of your mouth and the slight crunch of the soft shell crab in the other. Along with that sauce, chips and a milkshake..yes please. If I were to put my finger on one aspect of the dish, it’d probably be the sauce being slightly too overpowering. It’s the kind of sauce you finish up needing a glass or 2 of water.

So to summarise my journey to this cafe in Redfern; the shakes were phenomenal, the food was great, staff were friendly but theinterior lacked decor for a welcoming atmosphere. In all, thanks to the shakes, the Milk Bar has certainly earned its right to be called a milk bar, along with the benefits of delicious food.

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