essen, Broadway

Q. What is a Reuben Sandwich?

A. Between two delicious pieces of rye bread, corned beef, sauerkraut (sour cabbage), swiss cheese and thousand island dressing.

Q. Where can I get the best Reuben Sandwich in Sydney?

A. You’re about to find out:

Okay lets start it off short, I came here for one thing and one thing only. To taste what has been claimed Sydney’s best Reuben. To my surprise though, I got a lot more than just this legendary sandwich. Lets start off with the actual place as usual.  Being conveniently located about 10 minute walk from central (5 minutes from you UTSers!), the decision wasn’t very hard. We were two very lazy people. Perfect.

Now walking in, what can I say? It felt like I was in a different country. The place just felt like it belonged in Germany. Everything about it just felt right for what I was just about to eat. We were greeted by your typical bleach-blonde-haired German fellow (with that accent too!), walking along the old wooden floors and admiring the decor of the German culture.

Mysterious staircase

Skis. It has Skis.

Now that’s how you hold cutlery!

After we were done admiring all of this however, we started to get hungry. Being it a Friday and lunch time, essen had really worthwhile lunch only deals. This included the famed Reuben sandwich and a mini-version of their Jurassic Pork challenge (The JP Express!). Of course being in a beer cafe though, I thought it’d be appropriate to start the lunch with something nice to wash everything down (it’s never too early):

German Pilsner anyone? – $6

But yes. The food. Lets start off with the Reuben:

The Reuben Sandwich + Pickles + Wedges – $16

Yes, if you’re drooling at this point I totally understand. It was a damn good sandwich. Everything about it was right. Even that knife through the top. Felt majestic pulling it out like King Arthur and the Excalibur. No but seriously, that meat was perfect and the sauce being not too overpowering but definitely there, it was a winner. Sauerkraut however, as I understand, is not for everyone. Compared with the Bavarian’s one, it was a lot less strong so it really tied the sandwich together. Along with this, they also gave us some really nice sauces to eat with it (both Mustard based) and just smothering each bite with that sauce made it amazing. Try it? YES.

But wait I’m not done yet:

JP Express + Chips – $16

Okay so what is this exactly? Basically it’s a slow-cooked marinated pulled pork (moist mmm), coleslaw and this magical BBQ sauce (I suspect homemade) altogether in a lightly toasted white bun and stabbed with the crispiest bacon I’ve ever had (seriously, it was so crispy). While it was no Reuben to me, it was delicious nonetheless. The thing was literally loaded with pulled pork (cutting through it just summoned a limitless amount of it leaking out of it) and not only that but it was so damn well-cooked. Tender and perfect!

So that brings us to the end of my German food adventure. Was it well worth it? Hell yes. Easy to get to, a great deal on a ridiculously large portion (we were both struggling weren’t we?), beer, and, while I’m not an expert at the Reuben yet, the best Reuben I’ve had so far. Also I heard their schnitzels are giant too so I would like to revisit and I suggest you come here yourself as well 🙂

NOTE: The Reuben is ONLY Wednesdays-Fridays during lunch (12PM-2:30PM), they close after lunch to prepare for dinner so prepare!

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4 thoughts on “essen, Broadway

  1. interesting to find the Reuben sandwich in this German restaurant, given…well, it’s not German. But who better than the inventors of Saurkraut? XD

    btw, did u (or were u tempted to) ever try the Jurassic Pork challenge? 😀

  2. spicelab says:

    The Reuben does look epic, but couldn’t help noticing the meat lacks the classic “pink” for corned beef and pastrami.

    • Yes, I did enquire about that too! Unfortunately on my behalf I was a bit unlucky with my timing. The meat itself hadn’t been cured long enough for it to achieve the pink colour yet. It was the same, just wasn’t as mature as it probably should’ve been. Maybe if you dropped in for a visit you might be a bit more lucky

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