Mexico Food & Liquor, Surry Hills

Hello, hello! I’m sorry about the absence but, I’m back! Exams were a drag and they sucked but at last, back to doing what I love doing best. If you love tacos, nachos, quesadilla, guacamole and beer…keep on reading.

Mexico Food & Liquor

After hearing all about how great this food is, I decided to drop down one day and get a taste of it myself. In terms of location, this joint takes the prize for most convenient location. Literally a 30s walk from the tunnel side entrance of Central station (woohoo!). Unfortunately as we entered however, we were greeted with a full house, this means I didn’t get to get myself stuck into ASAP and was put onto the waiting list. The wait was approximately 30 minutes. So for any of you planning to go there soon, either get there early or wait like me. It’s ok. Friday night? Bars everywhere!

The Interior

When we finally got a seat, I have to say, was loving the bustling atmosphere. While one half of it was a full on bar, the other half was a friendly get together over food area. A perfect situation for Mexican food. The room was quite dimly lit but I guess that added to that bar-mood.

To start off our MFL journey, logically being next to a bar, I had to give myself a try of their Mexican beer. While I’ve had Mexican liquor before, it felt fitting for the occasion. This one was nice, it has a somewhat spiciness to it, perfect for the cold weather!

Cerveza Mexicali Beer ($9)

Onto the food shall we? The time of servings you were getting here were made to share. This being said however, the servings were not overly large. In fact quite small, almost tapas-size. It was however great. To start off we had ourselves a Salad with eggplant, fennel, yoghurt and of course, jalapenos! And to the side, a Pork quesadilla.

Salad with fried eggplant, yoghurt and jalapenos ($12)

The salad was really nice in my opinion. I thought the fried eggplants really added that extra touch every time you took a bite. Especially with the warmness and tang to the jalapenos, it really went well with that cooling yoghurt. While I thought it was a bit pricey for the serving size, it was being shared so I guess it was ok.

Caramel braised pork quesadilla ($14)

Probably my second favourite part of the night, the quesadilla. Seriously what can go wrong with this? Especially when it was as well made as this! It was nice and crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Especially with that hint of spice inside it, it was a flavour bomb. Give this one a try!

We did also order their famous MEXICO fried chicken, but I didn’t get a snap of it. To let you know though, this was THE favourite of the night. It had the spice to it and it came with this delectable house mayonnaise dip. Super creamy and went perfectly with the chicken. Try it. Seriously.

Now of course no Mexican food trip is satisfied without having a few tacos in. We got ourselves 2 beef tacos, a lamb taco and a chicken taco. I didn’t get to try all of them so I’ll only post the one I got to taste…which was mine.

Soft shell taco with tender caramelized lamb, jalapenos, house mayo and mint ($7, all tacos priced the same)

I really liked this taco. A lot. Only wish it were bigger so there was more to enjoy. Lamb was good, tender and worked so well with everything. Especially that mayo (I really liked that mayo). With the mint and jalapenos too, so many flavours. Everywhere.

And yes, of course. We did get desserts in case you were wondering. They had 3 options for desserts and we ordered 2 of those. These chocolate fritters (Bunuelos de chocolate) and an Avocado & Buttermilk pudding.

Avocado & Buttermilk pudding ($10)

To be honest..I wasn’t a big fan of this. The pudding itself just seemed bland to me. Felt like I was just eating a plain yoghurt with a hint of chocolate. While it was creamy to the days, it just didn’t really pique my interests. I think it was a hit and miss but hey, maybe you’re into very mild desserts, so don’t take this as your final decision.

Bunuelos De Xocolate in Pinenut Crema ($10)

Oh yes. These were so good. The outside was crispy and rolled in a bit of cinnamon sugar while it rested on this crema that was just perfect. Inside was gooey and chocolate-y and I just wanted more. It’s a shame there were only 5 but hey, it was damn good while it lasted. TRY!

In short, Mexico Food & Liquor is an awesome place to come with your friends. Over a few drinks or over a few dishes, it’s definitely a nice place to chill. With the food being great and drinks being diverse, I really think you’ll enjoy yourself here. Maybe a bit on the underwhelming side for serving sizes but I guess that’s how most Mexican joints are like. If I were to compare this with El Loco (, I’d say the tacos are better but at a higher price. It’s more of an appropriate establishment for eating rather than a full fledged bar.

Give it a try!

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  1. wow you got some amazing shots in such low warm lighting. i’d love to know what lens and camera you’re using. i assume maybe a 5D with 50 mm f1.4 lens or similar. the salad looks great. i want.

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