Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Walking over to Reuben Hills the other week I stumbled across a new burger joint that had just opened. Logically I went a few days after to try their famed burgers!

Located just before Reuben Hills (a few minutes of walking  from Central for all those who don’t know where that is) First impressions? Full. Very full. The place was packed to the point where new customers walking in had to share tables with other people. Take it as you will but I thought this was a good sign for what I was about to ingest! The waiters did what they could to fit us in and were really energetic and friendly.

chefs hard at work

The interior had a real laid-back feel to it. Tables looking like they were made out of freight crates and the ol’ bucket stool. I liked the feel. Also they played awesome music. This was somewhere I like to eat.

potato fries with chilli salt – $5

Since I was starving from missing breakfast, getting some food in my mouth asap was the priority. As a typical burger joint, we got (as you’d expect) a beef burger, a pulled pork burger and 2 sets of chips (potato and sweet potato). The menu wasn’t too extensive in terms of sides but with burgers, they went from beef to fish. All with their own unique taste.

sweet potato fries with garlic and lemon – $5

The sides came out first with our sweet potato fries (with garlic and lime) and normal fries with chilli salt. While the normal fries were quite generic with any other place, I really enjoyed the sweet potato fries. With the very subtle taste of lemon (maybe too subtle for me, didn’t even taste the garlic!) and seasoning of salt, it went super well with that crispy (but soft on the inside) sweet potato. Definitely would choose this over the normal fries!

pulled pork burger with chur BBQ sauce, slaw and house mayo – $10

The pulled pork burger was amazing. Maybe it was because I was hungry but I think it was the sweetest and juiciest pile of meat in a bun I’ve eaten. Topped off with their house BBQ sauce and mayo, it was a flavour bomb. The mayo got a bit messy and the burger was dripping like crazy with juices by the end but hey, that’s the remnants of a good burger!

beef burger with tomato jam, mustard mayo and pickles – $10

The beef burger was really nicely done. The patty was cooked to perfection (the kind of patty you’d sink your teeth into tender, juicy red meat). The tomato jam added a nice sweetness touch to it and that mustard mayo gave it that savoury aftertaste. Also it was worth pointing out that crispy bun. Grilled just right, it’s the kind that gives that burger the shiny golden glow!

So what’s my verdict? Delicious. And very reasonably priced. I must try the other burgers and I urge you to come along and do that too. A very neat addition to the Surry Hills adventure.

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