Chanoma Cafe, CBD

I know, where have I been? Well to give you a quick update on things: (1) university is totally weighing me down at the moment and (2) *drum roll* Fight The Craving is getting a bit of a gear-upgrade in the near future with a new camera being bought soon! The unfortunate thing is, this isn’t the cheapest hobby so…I’ve been hard at work trying to save and…that means cutting off some budget for food 😦 But don’t worry, I’m still trying to find new places to show you guys every now and then! And what better way than Hot Dogs in a dessert cafe?

Literally a 30 second walk from Town Hall station, if you’re looking for a cheap quick bite, you have no excuse to not try here! Down inside Regent Place, you’ll find Chanoma to be a very simple cafe. With a diverse menu from their unique Japanese-inspired hot dogs to parfaits for those with a sweet tooth! Being at a cafe which has acclaimed itself The Matcha Master, and having some sort of mad-craze for matcha things, I got (logically) got myself a green tea matcha latte. Although I do distinctly remember asking no whipped cream, they did it anyway which didn’t bother me too much. It was nice, creamy, a bit sweet but also retains that bitterness that matcha leaves at the back of your tongue.

Matcha Green Tea Latte – $4.50

While they had tonnes of other Matcha items (frappes, desserts…the lot), I figured it was time to move onto food. Now the way you order a hot dog is a bit different. Apart from having set items for your hot dogs, you can also choose the type of sausage you’d like with it (with the exception of the croquette dog). Onwards with our food adventure, we decided to choose a Chanoma Dog, Terriyaki Chicken Dog, and a Chanoma Cheese Dog. Along with this we also got a cup of garlic fries (what meal is it without any fries)

Shaked Chips (Soy Butter) – $4.40

The chips…were nothing out of the ordinary. Sure they were crunchy (as expected of fries) but the seasoning wasn’t really a wow-factor for me. It was subtle but almost too subtle to the point of it just tasting like regular salted fries. A bit disappointing! But then again, they’re just fries.

Chanoma Dog – $4.90

I chose the Chanoma Dog with the German sausage option. My opinion? Size wise, it was a bit smaller than I expected. Felt underwhelming in that sense. In terms of the actual hot dog, I quite liked the sausage used for it however their special sauce used for it was a bit too salty and overpowering for me. It felt that I was digging into a bun full of the sauce rather than tasting the balance between that and the meat (how sad!). Now while I didn’t get to try the other 2, I did hear that they were pretty good (same problem with the overpowering sauce), so hopefully they will be more promising!

Chanoma Cheese Dog – $5.50

Terriyaki Chicken Dog – $5.50

Above all, Chanoma is somewhere that’s convenient for all you office dwellers and school students. Chanoma is a somewhat authentic-Japanese cafe. Chanoma is a cheap eat. Chanoma has unique way of serving their hot dogs. But Chanoma isn’t at all that spectacular. It’s not a game changer, nor will it be something much to miss out on. In my opinion, Chanoma has a lot of potential. It has the right idea, but the implementation can be improved. I would love to come back and try out other hot dogs though to try broaden my opinion. And if you’re in the area, you might as well drop by and give it a go if you’re in the mood!

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3 thoughts on “Chanoma Cafe, CBD

  1. Kent says:

    Love Chanoma. If you get the chance, you should try out the prawn hotdog. Sounds weird – but was absolutely fantastic. Loved the sauce that they used 😀

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