Chin-Chilla Coffee House, Bankstown

Having a bit more free time is always good, so I figured I’ll go work on my blog! If you’re in Bankstown, heads up…

Being in one of the more ethnic suburbs in Sydney, Bankstown is great for Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisine but if you’re in the area and not really feeling like any of it, you should definitely take a short walk from the station to Chin-Chilla Coffee House. The cafe felt nice to sit in, it had some really nice decor (a British telephone box being one of them!) and the warm lighting made it cosy.

The menu was nothing overwhelming and had a simple range between breakfast and lunch meals where it was a mix of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Naturally being responsible adults we decided to have ourselves a mix of breakfast and lunch..for our lunch. For drinks we got ourselves a latte and a berry smoothie (which wasn’t really in fact a smoothie more than it is a frappe).

(my spilt) ‘Large’ Latte – $4.00

The coffee was Campos which is always nice  so I won’t go into it that much and while I didn’t get the smoothie I can tell you that for $7.95, it did kinda seem underwhelming. It didn’t really have the berry flavour as strong as I’d like it and I could taste more yoghurt rather than what a smoothie should be. So \iInstead we’ll go to food. That’s probably what you want. For our breakfast side we got their Goat’s Cheese Breakfast and for the lunch side, a simple Chicken Risotto:

Goat’s Cheese Breakfast – $14.95

Now we’ll start with the scrambled eggs. Goat’s cheese is awesome. It just makes everything better. And put it together with some perfectly fluffy and creamy scrambled eggs, and you got yourself one hell of a simple dish. While I wish there was more goat’s cheese with the egg, the dish as a whole was great. It’s also served with their house made tomato-chutney and the sweetness of that paired up with the salty and sour goat’s cheese eggs was perfect. Served perfectly with some sourdough bread, I really enjoyed this dish. Again, the eggs we’re so perfectly cooked. Definitely go for it if you get the 2pm breakfast craving.

Chicken Risotto – $14.95

Two words. Great risotto. The rice was cooked perfectly, not too mushy not too hard and the flavours in it were delicious! While the chicken was a bit hard and dryer than I thought it’d be, the flavours were still there. Probably my favourite part while digging into it was the small amounts of preserved lemons in it. While not in great quantity, they made the dish look nicer, gave it a bit of acidity and when you took a mouthful with one in it, just added that extra flavour. It wasn’t too cheesy or creamy either so I really enjoyed this dish. Simple name, simple dish, killer flavour.

Overall my experience here was great. The staff were friendly and service was quick, the food was tasty, simple and affordable and I didn’t have to drive half the country to get there so for me it’s a win-win. They do have vegetarian options here too if that’s you’re kinda thing but in short, I’d recommend it and think you’d enjoy it.


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One thought on “Chin-Chilla Coffee House, Bankstown

  1. I live pretty close to Chin-Chilla Coffee House….Ill have to check it out it looks good 🙂 thanks for the information! The Goat’s Cheese Breakfast looks awesome!

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