[SPECIAL] delicious. Love To Cook (a cook book launch)

Okay, I’m sorry I disappeared off the face of the blog world. University finals are finally over so get ready to see some more FTC! Now, for a nice, belated, special. When I got the pleasant invitation to attend a launch of Valli Little’s newest cook book, I was not only excited but I was also questioning my actual ability to cook…being the food blogger I am, I love food, let’s not get that wrong, but my cooking ability in my comfort zone stretches as far as frying some eggs. So I was excited and surprised…but curious to see how I could finally explore my inner chef. Ladies and gentleman, I present the wonderful opportunity I got to attend:

For those of you who are a bit more into the foodie reads, Valli Little would a name that’d be of no surprise. But for those of you who just like to drool over some photos, the brain behind the cooking and the recipes might not be too obvious, so let me educate you! Valli Little is one of Australia’s most well known food writers and the director of ABC’s Delicious. Magazine, and in celebration for the publishing of her 8th (that’s 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) cook book with ABC Books, I couldn’t be more excited to finally meet and attend her launch.

Held in the luxury of the William Sonoma’s Cooking School, not only was I greeted with a nice glass of wine but I was surrounded the great company of other food bloggers; my kind of people! With a few familiar (blog) faces including Vanny from Nessy Eater, Jambon Cochon at Fit for a Pig, Phoodie and other awesome bloggers, it was certainly a nice way to spend the arvo. Oh, and of course the chef of the hour, Valli Little!

Vallie Little!

So at the launch, we were specifically told not to eat too much for lunch, and with all the goodies set up, ready to be made, (and ready to be eaten), I can see why. With 2 delicious recipes straight from the book being prepared right before us, it was nice to not only grow the appetite but to hear Valli talk about her cooking, writing and more about the book. So being this a food blog, shall we see the amazing dishes Valli managed to whip up before us?

A Salmon mixed with Mexican Flavours

So what was my first impressions with this? Simple. And no, that’s not a bad thing, that’s a beautiful thing in cooking, and even got me thinking “Hey…I think I could actually pull this off”. With the Salmon served by Valli’s team being cooked to perfection, the combination of that tender salmon with the crunch of the zesty salsa and corn chips was great. A salsa consisting of only a handful of ingredients, including jalapeños and avocado (my favourite) along with a sugary but spicy marinade to the salmon, it was a great start to the anticipation of food. Did I mention how simple it was?

Now we were tight with time so logically the next dish to fit in if there was to be another one was dessert.

Cheesecake…in a jar!!

Now if you thought the salmon was simple, this was even better. With 3 layers of sweet goodness, it’s definitely a sweet tooth pleaser. With layers of a processed biscuit base, luxurious Italian hazelnut spread Nutella combined with cream cheese and the fluffiest topping of cream served conveniently in a jar, it was definitely a mess-free dish and again, simple but delicious.

Before I knew it though, time was up 😦 However, with the amazing hospitality of Valli, her team and the team at ABC Books, I was able to receive my very own copy of the book and a goodies bag! Including the ingredients to make my very own delicious creation and an apron. So…did it inspire me? Yep. Did I burn the house down? Nope. In fact, why don’t we see how I went?

The Cooking Arsenal

So what was I equipped to make? A beautiful orecchiette pasta in a delicate Beurre Blanc sauce with peas, salmon and dill. With of course the aid of Valli’s wonderful book, I, I repeat, I, made this:

Orechhiette Pasta in a Beurre Blanc Sauce

So, in all, I’d like to thank ABC Books, Valli Little and her team, and their amazing hospitality in giving me the opportunity to be a part of their launch. Not only did I have an amazing time meeting Valli, other bloggers and enjoying each other’s passion for food, I also got to meet that inner chef of me!

And of course, if you feel like meeting that chef inside you too, you can actually get a copy of the book today right over here. Happy cooking and expect more restaurants and cafes coming at you soon!


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