The Burger Mill, Parramatta

Attention Parramatta explorers or employees! A new burger joint has entered the game, get your appetite ready:

Only opening last Tuesday (12/11/13), the Burger Mill is the new joint in town taking over the 50s style Hungry Jacks that used to be on Church St (160 Church Street) so convenience in getting there is second to none (a 5 min walk from the station). With remnants of the old fast food chain still in there (diner chairs and stools), it felt sort of unfitting but undoubtedly something only temporary. The joint itself had an outback Australian shack kind of decor to it, a bit different and something I quite enjoyed.

a sign for staff only (awesome)

While the place felt quite spacious and incomplete, it was something that’ll be fixed in time for sure. Now Burger Mill had a system of ordering similar to that of Grill’d in which it’s order at the counter and wait for your number while you sit or so; you’d be expecting it to be in the same class. However on top of burgers they also had their fish and chips and salads as well. I didn’t get to try them but perhaps we can leave that for another time.

As for the service, it was quick and they were really nice. Now, the menu. The menu isn’t too much of a surprise of a normal burger shack. It wasn’t too much or too little, I thought the range they provided was just right! Also the price was very reasonable, with $10 giving you a deal with a burger and chips, drinks being on the side averaging about $3-4.

Disappointed that the roast lamb burger (the one I had my eyes on) wasn’t available, I chose the Moroccan Lamb burger while Jessica chose a classic Chicken Schnitzel burger. So how’d they go?

Moroccan Lamb burger with Chips – $10

Now, I really liked this burger. The patty itself was soft and tender while the flavours of Moroccan spices was strong and tasty with every bite. Along with that refreshing minty yoghurt it’s served with and the simple rocket salad, it really gives a nice refreshing crunch to balance off the patty. The only problem I had however was that the lamb was quite salty itself, I felt myself needing to take a sip of water after every few bites.

Chicken Schnitzel burger with chips – $10

Ok there was a big problem with this. They forgot one of the reasons we bought it in the first place. The avocadooo!!! That was disappointing but we were starving and didn’t have the effort to question it. The bright side however is that this burger, was awesome. The chicken was so moist but that crispy schnitzel exterior was just mmmmmm. While we did miss that avocado in our lives, I guess that chicken made up for it.

Also in both cases, the chips were just your average Joes. Although they do season it with chicken salt by default so if you have a problem with that, make sure you ask for normal salt.

In all, this burger joint is a pretty good choice if you’re stumbling around the suburb. Being significantly cheaper than Grill’d burgers, the quality of them is really quite good. While they could make improvements on the generic bun (and make sure avocado is on everyone’s chicken burgers!!), I would certainly come back here if I needed a quick burger fix.

Also, it could be important to note, they do have a pumpkin vegetarian burger. So this place is veggie-eater free. Happy eating!

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