The Royal, Darlinghurst

Ok, it’s been like a week since I’ve gotten back, might as well get back into eating in Sydney, hello the Royal…

(the worst photo of a menu possible *cough*)

Funny thing is my entire being here was an accident. It started off as an ambitious venture into Jazz City Milk Bar (about a 10 minute walk away), but it was closed…so we literally walked around until we found civilization and this was the first thing that we came across. Awesome.

The place was very chilled, very homey. A very narrow cafe but it was still nice to sit in.

Now the menu itself wasn’t very complex, had a wide range of your typical cafe drinks including some home-made lemonade and milkshake (both of which we got). Food wise there was a great variety of breakfast/brunch items and a page which was all sandwiches and paninis. So we got the best of both worlds, a Shakshuka and their Royal sandwich.

Home-made Lemonade and Strawberry Milkshake – $4 each

The lemonade was nice and carbonated and had a small pinch of vanilla beans on top (which the waiter reassured was vanilla and not dirt). Super refreshing, it was a shame that today wasn’t the hottest of days, but a great drink nonetheless. The milkshake was quite generic, nothing really special, but had a very generous serving.

Shakshouka – $14

Looks delicious right? Well it tasted as good as it looks. The spices and herbs were cooked right through and added a nice tang to the otherwise sweet tomatoes. It was a bit watery towards the bottom but unavoidable from the tomatoes. The feta that topped it off was nice and crisp at the top but melts in the mouth when taking the bite. Plus I love feta so it was a double win. The only problem with the dish was the unfortunate egg out of the 2 that was slightly overcooked in the yolk, really soft but wasn’t runny like that first one. Oh well. Delicious otherwise and highly recommended!

The Royal with Cheese – $12

Next up was their special royal with cheese. A panini with an 8 hour slow cooked beef in the middle layered with some red cabbage slaw, pickles and the melted provolone cheese. Bread was toasted to perfection and had an amazing crunch with it. The beef was extremely tender and very sweet and worked well with the slaw and provolone. Especially when you have the bread soaking up that 8 hour meaty goodness, the crunch of the bread and that soft meat. Oh god. Another one please.

So as you can probably tell from this review. I really liked The Royal. Service was good, place was homey, food was delicious and reasonably priced, location isn’t too far from Museum and it has baked eggs of some kind. My favourite. Come and have a try for yourselves foodies!

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