Mad Spuds, Surry Hills

If you had a new year’s resolution of getting into shape  or trying to eat better, you probably shouldn’t be reading this post, nor this blog altogether. Welcome to carbohydrate heaven.

Located on the trophy of Surry Hills; Crown St, it might be a hassle to get there with public transport but driving isn’t too much of a hassle if you can find parking. Not the biggest café in the world either but it seems like that’s the trend these days right? As long as we were able to grab a table without a wait, I was a happy chap. The food menu was nothing of surprise. It consisted of potatoes.

A lot of potatoes. And I respected it because it was a menu which had a theme to every dish, in as many ways possible. Sandwiches, meatballs, eggs, salad; you name it. I enjoy a café which keeps to the name! So naturally we got some potatoes and coffee (being a café and all). To be exact, we got ourselves a Mad Spud Stack, a Spuds Meatballs and their twice cooked spud skins; the salmon and feta.

Latte – $4

Coffee was nothing of the exception. Just your above average cuppa. They also had a wide range of organic juices but I felt like a pick-me-up.

Mad Spuds Stack – $15

Now onto the mad spud stack, a 6-layer stack consisting of a potato cake (croquette like), avocado, haloumi, sweet potato, spud skins and roast onions. That’s a lot of things but they worked so, so well together. Especially the potato cake; crispy outside but soft and mild on the inside. Along with the crisp but salty haloumi and sweetness of the tomato relish, it’s one hell of a dish. Try it.

Spuds Meat Balls – $15

I went for a safer option. I do like meat. And meatballs. And potato. So this was the natural option. Especially these meatballs. Ridiculously soft and tender with a hint of cumin, giving it an almost falafel-like flavour, it went incredibly well with the tangy mint yoghurt drizzled on top and home cooked tomato based sauce. Potatoes in the dish were crispy and really contrasted with the soft meatballs. I really enjoyed this. Eat this if you’re in the meaty mood!

Twice Cooked Spuds Skins – $18

Finally, as a side, we also went for a plate of their twice fried spuds; basically skins which have been fried to be used as miniature bowls. Crispy to the days and the salmon and feta filled inside just made it come out. The feta itself was also combined with hint of sweetness from apricots and it was then topped off with sprouts. A great side dish option, but we did go a bit excessive for a 2 person feed!

So Mad Spuds is definitely somewhere you’ll want to look into. The service with the waiters was pleasant and extremely friendly. The food was great and reasonably priced and it’s not the hardest place to get to if you have access to a car. There is also a large variety of vegetarian options! Hope you add this to your endeavours too! Happy eating.

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