Bridge St Garage, Circular Quay

When stumbling upon Bridge St, you’d expect to fork out a loan especially being close to the finer places like Rockpool. Bridge St Garage was a bit different with its American diner inspired dishes, a nice change to the otherwise Wall Street of Sydney.

The car themed restaurant was a treat to walk in. With oil cans, car parts, neon lights and decor that made you feel like you were in a garage, it was definitely a pleasant atmosphere to be in.

Taking a look at the menu, there was quite a variety. With things stretching from a Argentinian pot of melted provolone cheese to your New York steak, southern chicken and even tacos, it wasn’t an easy decision. So I went with a safe option and that was a burger. The Guacho Burger to be exact. Oh and in case you missed it, I mentioned a pot of melted cheese. Yeah I got that too. Because who wouldn’t.

Before I get started though, I think it’d be worth mentioning that service wasn’t very on par. In fact, being seated relatively far from the crowd, we found ourselves struggling to find service! Our waitress was unseen for more than 15 minutes. Disappointed!

Provoleta served with sourdough – $14

Now this. It looks like a heart attack in a pot. And it is. But it was pretty nice pot of heart attack. A particularly salty dish it was, but thank god the sourdough was there. With the chimichurri sauce submerging it, it added a very pleasant taste to the cheese. I did however find it slightly too overpowering in salt and the cheese to be quite tough in some areas. (Obviously that was the cheese setting as it cools, but it felt too often in the dish). Regardless of that, I love provolone and with its stringyness and melted goodies, I did enjoy the dish.

Guacho Burger – $19.50

Now for the main. A good ol’ burger with a side of “chips” (really, they were wedges). Well, to be honest, the burger was nothing special. In fact, dry if anything. I found the patty to be slightly overdone and the overall burger lacking in texture. I did thoroughly enjoy the little kick of spice they give you, but disappointed when I only realised this 3/4 through the burger. Maybe it was the salt from the provoleta depriving liquids! Not the best of burgers but I guess it can satisfy burger cravings.

The chips as well were very very dry. Felt tough and lacked any crunch. Also not to mention they were wedges. But hey, I’m going to give props to the presentation:

Mini deep fryer baskets make things taste better.

So the verdict, if you’re around Wynyard/Circular Quay and want some ‘American’ cuisine, I suggest you try this. They have deep fried chicken and burgers and other goodies. Not to mention it’s not a difficult place to commute to via public transport.

However, if you are craving this sort of food, I wouldn’t put this as my first choice. With the food being priced slightly more than I would expect of the quality and not to mention the below-par service which I felt it had, perhaps a trip to Jazz City would be a better option.

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2 thoughts on “Bridge St Garage, Circular Quay

  1. Thanks for the advise that if we are at Wynyard/Circular Quay and wanted some ‘American’ cuisine, I must try deep fried chicken and burgers and other goodies. Another good thing is that it is easy place to find and transportation is easy.

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