Kanzo Fresh Sushi, Parramatta

My life’s been so swamped with things to do and the priorities of keeping food posts rolling in have been drifting away every day…and I feel terrible for it. Unfortunately, work won’t stop coming in for a while so please, try to cope with my lack of consistency! As for now, here’s this fantastic Japanese joint you should visit if you’re in Parramatta:

When you’re out and about the suburb, being shopping at Westfield, at the gym (nearby!), Β studying at the library or the university or you’re just nearby,Β check this place out. For any sushi or Japanese food cravings, this place will you do you well. Located on George St (55-67) and about a 5-10minute walk from the station (or there’s a carpark right outside it), the “I can’t really be bothered” excuse doesn’t work here.

The restaurant is pretty small (that photo is taken on the otherside of the room, mind you) but that adheres to the real traditional Japanese style restaurant (right?). When I got there it was packed out but managed to get a table in no less than 10 minutes. The staff was super helpful and friendly and had that traditional Japanese-screaming-at-you greeting.

But onto the food. The menu itself was just the right size. Not too many options but it covers all those major Japanese food cravings. We went a bit overboard that day (but I was hungry) so we snapped up Edamame, Takoyaki, Seafood Udon, Pork Katsu Ramen and a medium sashimi/sushi platter and a Kanzo special roll (grilled salmon).

Oh and did I mention the prices were amazingly reasonable?

Edamame – $2

Yep, that’s no typo, $2 edamame woohoo. Nothing special except the price. Tasted just like any other place, good old salty beany goodness. Did I mention it was only $2?

Takoyaki – $4

Next up was one my favourite small Japanese snacks, takoyaki! And with $4 for 5 pieces, who can complain? They were fresh and had that burn-your-tongue effect when you’re feeling confident to bite the thing as a whole. Octopus was also generous in the balls and overall was great

Medium Sushi & Sashimi Platter – $18

$18. For all this meat. So. Good. The fish tasted fresh as expected. Everything was fresh. And so filling. And so $18. Salmon, Tuna, King Fish, nigiri, sushi. Oh mama.

Kanzo Special (Grilled Salmon) – $16

Along with their regular sushi options, they also do a range of more premium and specialised rolls. They had about 5 other selections including dragon rolls and stuff but we felt like some grilled salmon. And boy was this good. The grilled salmon was incredibly tender and that burnt char flavour was just the cherry on top. The sushi itself had some tempura seafood sticks inside which gave it a nice crunch texture to that salmon and the sauces at the top were both sweet and savoury. It was a whole lot of flavour. Great sushi. Totally worth the $16.

Seafood Udon – $13.50

Of course what is Japanese food without some Udon? You see that broth? Look how clear it is. Just how Udon broth is meant to be. The soup was incredibly flavoursome. Had a bit of a sweet side to it too. It was super generous in serving size (that photo doesn’t do it justice). Also look how much seafood is in that! If you came here just for udon, it’s completely justifiable. And for a price that won’t hurt you wallet? My man.

Pork Katsu Ramen – $11

And now to the Achilles’ Heel of Kanzo. The ramen. Unfortunately, after having eaten all the food above, this dish was a bit disappointing. Now long time FTC followers, you know I love egg and ramen. But that egg looks sad. Overcooked unfortunately. Also that pork katsu was a bit too soggy by the time it got to my table. However the broth was delicious. Miso based and jam packed with flavour. Ups and downs but hey $11 isn’t too bad either.

So there we have it. To summarise, we’ve got: 1) great priced Japanese food with great service 2) super fresh and delicious sushi 3) an udon for kings 4) a location convenient for everyone. Should you try it? Yes. Nothing more to say.

As for my blog, try to keep up with me guys, I promise I won’t disappear!

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19 thoughts on “Kanzo Fresh Sushi, Parramatta

  1. I loved their bento box! Probably one of the most filling lunches I’ve ever had and the fact that it’s so close to the westfield, just makes it even better.

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