Huskisson’s World Famous Fish & Chips, Huskisson

Introducing *drumroll* the (proclaimed) World Famous Fish & Chips in Huskisson! Is it world famous? Nah. Is it the best fish and chips I’ve ever had? We’ll have to see about that:

To save you the trouble…nah it’s not the best fish and chips I’ve had, but hey I’ll cut it some slack. It was ok. Along the main strip of Huskisson nearing towards the end, with a relatively ok view of the waterfront lingering outside, the place was sort of the only place you can get fish and chips.

Now before I get onto the food it’s important to note a few things:

1) They offer just grilled fish! So if you’re a bit intolerant to batter and whatnot, grilled fish is available

2) They had a big sign in which sounded like a highlight of their store saying “Hand-Cut Chips!”…followed by a smaller sign that said “Currently Not Available” and

3) The service…was really slow, like I’m talking “it’ll be about 20 minutes, sir” -1 hour later-..and after witnessing one of the workers walk out constantly to talk to other people, it wasn’t a good image.

Battered Barramundi Fish & Chips – $14

So finally, we got out order, hoorah. And it was mediocre at best. The fish wasn’t as crunchy as I hope it would be and the chips were soggy too. At least the fish inside had a pretty nice flavour, it tasted fresh. Oh and the tartar sauce was actually pleasingly nice too. Overall, it was quite oily (as you’d imagine from being deep fried, but more oily than usual, as if the fish had been soaking up that oil for too long) but the serving size was quite generous. Also +1 for that tartar sauce. Super creamy and tangy.

Battered Flat Head – $16

Now the flat head was a pretty similar story. The fish still was a bit oily but the flavours in the fish were much more prominent than the barramundi. More of that fresh fishy taste. I preferred this over the barramundi.

So that pretty much sums it up. If you’re ever in Jervis Bay around Huskisson and really in need for some seafood, you could always give this place a try; especially if you’re a bit intolerant to the deep fried stuff. But definitely not if you’re in a rush or really hungry (like I was).


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