Three Williams, Redfern

In celebration of the lovely, Angela, and her birthday (Happy Birthday Angela), we went over to Three Williams after university, so, with no further ado:

Located pretty much smack bang in the middle of Central, Surry Hills and Redfern, Three Williams is a 10-15 minute walk from either station or a nice and easy drive. Without being on a main strip, it won’t have that rush you get with Crown Street and parking may even be easy to find (woo).

Getting yourself in here, my first impression? Spacious. Very spacious. Walking in, I was overwhelmed by the amount of seating and also greeted by the friendly staff. With the cafe and kitchen being both exposed and visible, I really liked the layout. The place was a bit dark but hey, that seems to be a trend these days:

The kitchen and the chefs

After being seated and handed our menus, I was really pleased with the staff. Super friendly and humorous and they didn’t leave us hanging whenever we needed something so +1 for that. But of course, the food! The menu was nice and simple, reasonable number of brunch options and also their recommended Narnie set (we’ll get to that later). Was super excited to try some out. We were thirsty though so drinks first, got ourselves a latte, a banana smoothie and a berry smoothie.

Banana (left) and Berry (right) Smoothies

Now the smoothies, they were really nice. I really enjoyed them. The banana smoothie had a a mix of a rich banana flavour and caramel (thanks to that walnut praline). While at times it felt more on the sweet side for me, you should probably note I don’t have a very good tolerance for sugar! The berry on the other hand, was super creamy and rich (almost yoghurt-like) and throughout the entire jug, you could really taste those fresh berries. Important to note though, the berry and banana smoothies were pretty much on the opposite sides of the spectrum. With the banana being more super sweet, the berry one was more sour. This meant drinking the berry after the banana often led me with the cringing sour face. But that’s ok. I still thoroughly enjoyed both and I’m sure you will too!


Now the coffee here is awesome. Whatever blend they use, I want it! It was creamy and packed quite a punch. However, the good kind of punch. The one that punches you and then gives your tastebuds a hug of an after taste. If you like coffee, you’ll like this!

“Alright Lawrence, I don’t want to hear any more about these drinks, where’s the food?” Yes yes, I understand. Now the food here, in short, was awesome. It was reasonably priced, had a lot of variety, came out quick and was delicious. No, really. This place is awesome. To share around the table we got some classic Hot Chips (with aoli sauce), a spicy smashed beans with avocado on toast, the bull horn and a glazed beef brisket narnie.

Hot Chips with Aioli

Never underestimate the importance of such a simple dish. These chips kicked ass. They were super crunch on the outside and had that fluffy potato goodness on the inside. And the Aioli sauce, mmmm. Some places can really mess up the aioli but I was basically drowning my chips in these.

The Bull Horn – $16

So what is the Bull Horn? Well most of the ingredients are seen here but basically, it’s your combination of marinated bull horn peppers (they look like giant chillis), fetta cheese, serrano ham and pesto (? or dukkah? I’m not too sure). Now I have to admit. I’m a sucker for serrano ham, so it was already winner in my books. But overall. So good. Poached eggs were perfectly cooked and the bull horn peppers were a flavour pack! They all went so well together. Totally would recommend this.

Glazed Beef Brisket Narnies – $14

“What’s a Narnia?” No, sorry, this isn’t the part where a lion comes and talks to you. Three Williams has their little signature flat bread/pita style sandwiches called narnies. In fact it was recommended by the waiter as a first-time option. And boy was he right. Incredibly generous in serving size and so so good. The beef brisket was so incredibly tender. Along with the pickles and chipotle mayo, there were some flavours sweet, some flavours tangy, but mash em all together and they were spectacular. If I had one thing to say about this was that it felt like there was sometimes too much fatty parts to the beef. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best parts, but sometimes there was a bit too much in that one bite. Still would highly recommend it though. They had other narnies too so, pretty keen to come back and try that.

Spicy Smashed Beans with Avocado (And 2 Poached Eggs) -$16

Egg Porn

MMMMMMMM. I love avocado and I love eggs. Put that with some beans and you got yourself a killer breakfast/brunch. The spicy smashed beans definitely had that kick of spice in there but it was so nice and somewhat sweet thanks to the tomato base. It was soft and went down so well. Combined with the freshly squeezing of lime over it. Perfecto. Also, LOOK HOW MUCH AVOCADO IS ON THAT. Yes. Oh and can you see that egg yolk? That’s a damn well cooked poached egg. Yes, it made everything taste amazing. Yes. I do recommend this. (NOTE: The dish actually costs $13, an extra 2 poached eggs is $16).

So, if I had to summarise this place in two words, it would be GREAT SUCCESS. I enjoyed it so much. From the service down to the food and drinks. So good! I’d highly recommend this to anyone reading. Apologies for the lack of some prices (I hadn’t recorded a lot), but F.Y.I, all you see above between 4 people had a price tag of $24 (oh and + 2 croquettes which I didn’t blog about sadly).

I’ll definitely be back here, and you guys should come by too.

Also! If you haven’t done so, make sure you hit me up on all the social media on the sidebar! Greatly appreciated!

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    • Yeah LOL, was really pushing the camera to the limits here. God bless the 6D haha.

      Really? We found parking literally right in front of the cafe, maybe I got there a bit late. Walking though…it’s like a <15min walk, thought I was lazy 😛

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