Devon Cafe, Surry Hills

I know, I promised a post a while ago. Well not really promised, more like kept you in suspense. Exams are over for me and I can finally get back into business. So for a very delayed post, here’s a very delicious Devon cafe for you to check out:

You know I love a short commute to get some good food, and fortunately for all you lazy foodies like me, Devon is very conveniently located about a 5 minute walk from the station (…on Devonshire St, could you imagine!). The place is quite surprisingly spacious, with large tables and even a backdoor area for even more seats. Coming over at around 2pm, there wasn’t much business so, no wait and faster food for me (kitchen closes at 3pm for anyone wondering).

Cold Drip…which I’m yet to try

So far so good. Short walk, no waiting time, nice and spacious and even the staff were nice and pleasingly friendly. Lets take a look at the menu. And just how I like it, it was short and sweet. From a simple all-day breakfast menu and a lunch menu half that size, it was simple and it covered all sorts of brunch/lunch food cravings. Not to mention a very nice range of drinks to choose from to chase that symphony of flavours.

To start the meal rolling, we started with some freshly brewed chai and of course a standard latte.

Chai – $4

Latte – $3.50

Aside from the awesome looks-like-plastic-but-actually-ceramic glasses and mini-teapot, coffee was pleasantly nice but nothing special. The Chai was very rich in the herbal flavours and an overall nice drink.

Yes, yes, the food. Taking advantage of that all-day breakfast (which is the best meal of the day, mind you), we settled for an eggs blini and their Two Chicks in a Basque.

Eggs Blini – $19

Those colours. Yknowwhatimsay? It looks like a painting. It was almost too pretty to eat. Firstly, a lot of you might be thinking “what the hells a blini” (or was that just me?). A blini is basically a pancake. A nice buckwheat pancake which has yeast in it to make it nice and fluffy. And boy, what a great substitute for your standard toast or English muffin you get with a dish like this.So soft and subtly sweet. With runny poached eggs, a beautifully cured salmon and tangy hollandaise sauce, you could almost picture the flavours in your mouth! Not to mention the textures you get with one mouthful. Crunchy broccolinis, that slight crunch before that salty liquid explosion in those salmon roes, soft clouds of poached eggs, fluffiest pancake base and the slightly chewy salmon. Oh man please get this when you’re here.

Two Chicks in a Basque (With Blood Sausage) – $19.50

Of course. Standard. Baked eggs. Can’t leave home without some (well obviously I did leave home but you know what I mean). This one is a bit different. The flavours a lot different to your standard baked eggs. A Basque inspired dish with a a very sweet and saucy bolognese-almost like Piperade sauce, a dash of greek yoghurt (or was it goat’s cheese? well something salty) to balance out that sweetness and pesto sauce to just add that aromatic touch the dish and of course beautifully soft-cooked eggs. This was a great feed. With my only complaint being that they should consider serving more bread (there’s a lot of sauce and things going on in there for one slice), the flavours worked very well together. Blood sausage added extra for that extra meaty bite was also good news for me. Because meat is awesome.

The magicians of Devon!

So to sum it up, location…check, service…check, drinks…check, food….checkcheck, awesome atmosphere, awesome people and an awesome way to spend post-university dilemmas? Triple check! If you ever commute from central and have a bit of time, you have no excuse to pay this place a visit! Gets my thumbs-up approval.

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