Clipper Cafe, Glebe

Just back from Brrrrrisbane and along with those restaurants coming up, here’s one I visited before I left, enjoy!

Going to school in Glebe, I always passed this cosy little place everyday, although back then, I probably didn’t even know cafes served food. Well, coming back here onto Glebe Pt. Road was certainly refreshing (and easy to get to mind you, 431 from Central or a 15 minute walk).

Decorated with bikes on the wall, quirky artefacts and a friendly staff, walking in was pleasant! Nice atmosphere is always a plus when you’re a bit hungry.

So far, it was your typical cute and cosy place to spend a nice afternoon in. But how’s the food? How’s the menu? Well, at first glance, very cheap and not very extensive. An all-day breakfast accompanied by some lunch items and a regular drink menu. To take a break from life and everything, we got ourselves a coffee, tropical smoothie, some baked eggplants and of course, baked eggs!

Latte and Tropical Smoothie

Coffee was nice, nothing special. I believe they used a campos blend but I could be wrong! The smoothie was nice and fruity, mangoes really came out on top with flavour but again, it was nothing special.

Baked Eggplant – $12

Eggplants is a favourite for me, it’s nice and soft and slimy at times, perfect lazy-man food. Now given this is baked in a pot, I expected some flavour-packed punches to hit me. Alas, it didn’t. Instead it was quite bland. Underneath the layers of breadcrumbs, there were eggplants and they tasted pretty much like…normal, regular eggplant in a tomato-based sauce. The napoli sauce didn’t really hit any high points, tasted like regular Italian canned tomatoes I suspect. Furthermore, breadcrumbs on the top didn’t really add anything special to it. It kept the mouth dry and if you accidentally breathed it in, you’ll be coughing for the next 3 minutes. It’s not my favourite but it’s definitely better than what’s coming up.

Baked eggs with Lamb Sausage

Baked eggs are literally my favourite thing, you guys should all know this by now. This is barely baked eggs. First of all, slicing the sausages and layering it probably would’ve made it a bit more like they tried to present it well. Also, it uses the same napoli sauce which I didn’t particular find amazing in the eggplants. And the eggs. The eggs were not soft baked. They looked like they were scrambled before they put it in the pot (which was then placed on top with a can of tomatoes). At best, this was a very mediocre dish. Way too much (runny and bland) tomato Napoli sauce, sausages that just..sit there and eggs which aren’t cooked right. Was the dish even baked? It was really cheap at least though.

Well. The place gets its points in atmosphere. It’s cosy and it’s nice to sit and enjoy the time pass by. The service is friendly and the location is convenient and in Glebe (which is a great place to spend time in). The food however, needs work. I’ve seen other menu items on my blog surfing and they certainly look great, but they were items I haven’t seen. Maybe they changed the menu. Maybe I just had an unlucky day. At least the cafe is still one of the only places offering  sub $12 cafe food.

Not going to lie. I was very disappointed with the anticipation I had when coming here and hopefully my next time visiting will be more rewarding! Let me know of any success menu items you have.

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