Taste of Shanghai, Eastwood

I was coming home from Canberra and everyone always has those post-road-trip munchies. So we decided to go here:

Ah yes. The good ol’ Taste of Shanghai. Located smack bang in the middle of Eastwood’s town centre, it probably was one of the busiest restaurants in the suburb. Upon arrival there was a wait (unsurprising) but thankfully not too long. I was having some serious xiaolongbao cravings.

Restaurant was packed as expected but we got a nice big round table. After sitting there and playing with the spinny plate thing in the middle we finally got things to order. The menu was so. Bloody. Long. (Seriously, look at it here). But I guess generally everything was sort of similar in its own way.

To begin the night of feasting, we got ourselves (obviously) some xiaolongbao, pan-fried pork buns, a stir-fried rice cake dish, a szechuan shredded pork noodle stir-fry thing with bun things (excuse my descriptions), and deep-fried buns with condensed milk!


Xiaolongbao – $9.80 (8 pieces)

This is what I’ve been waiting for. Ooooh yes. It doesn’t matter how you eat it. Shove it in your mouth and scold your tongue with the soup inside or slowly slurp it before gobbling down the rest. These things are so good. Soup is deliciously flavoursome with meaty goodness and slightly slimy from those oils and fats dripping out of the meat. I think I can eat about a million of these. Never been? Get it? Yes.

Pan-Fried Pork Buns – $9.80 (8 Pieces)

I’m going to go ahead and say it. But I think these are just as good as xiaolongbaos. They’re big and chockablock full of meat and still excrete some amazing juices when you bite through the semi-crispy exterior of the bun. And of course, packed with flavours! And of course, more filling too! I dunno, if you came in, I feel like you’d need to order both and not just either one.

Szechuan Shredded Pork with Golden Buns – $22

Let me begin this part by giving you a tutorial. Step 1: Get the golden buns (they have little pits in them). Step 2: Scoop up some goodness and put it in. Step 3: consume. Apart from the stir-fry to be too oily in my opinion and a little bit on the bland side of flavour, it still was a delectable treat. And come on. They’re like mini bread bowls filled with meat and noodles!! The buns themselves are soft but retain little flavour. They’re merely a vehicle for pleasure.

Shredded Pork With Cabbage Stir Fried Rice Cakes – $10.80

Mmmm. I’m a bit iffy with this. Compared to the rest this was a bit of a let down. I do love rice cakes but the dish as a whole was rather bland and lacking in stir-fry ingredients (an overabundance of rice cakes). I’d probably stay away from it next time.

Deep Fried Chinese Milk Dough – $6.80 (6 pieces)

And of course some dessert (which in actual honesty was eaten first). So nice! Deep fried stuff…check. Condensed milk…check. Just imagine super basic donuts and dipping them into a sweet sauce. A perfect dessert…or entree in our case.

In all honesty, I don’t often hear great things about Taste of Shanghai, especially in the service department. But in my case it was fast and it was simple and I was happy with it. As for the food, I thought it was great, a tad oily for some and a bit bland for some of their stir-fry dishes (which questions their value for money). But overall I was happy with it. If you’re in town and need a Shanghai cuisine fix, this can do the deed. Dumplings are a must but stir-fry is an option.

Taste of Shanghai on Urbanspoon


Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed the post! Big things are happening here at FTC and I’m super excited to introduce its sister blog, my very own photography-dedicated blog, LDP (Lawrence Duong Photography). If you want to check out fancy photos or need to find a way to further waste some time, why not check me out here:

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