[SPECIAL] A Brrrrisbane Adventure

I recently went to a trip on Brisbane which admittedly was the first time I’ve been to the city. I had a camera, an appetite, and obviously I was going to come back for a bit of food for you to contemplate over next time to visit. So welcome, to a Brrrisbane special (it was cold while I was there, ok):

When the plane touched down, we were a bit early and couldn’t check in. Naturally we were hungry and forced to wander about the city, we found ourselves at this quirky looking alleyway/café.

Having your typical hipster vibe (especially with that alleyway seating), we were set on eating here. The menu was simple with your typical breakfast menu, however heavily emphasizing on the presence of haloumi cheese (YUM). So what did we order? Naturally, their ‘Goliath Breakfast’, some eggs benedict and a haloumi stack (which is essentially the goliath breakfast minus a few items).

Goliath’s Breakfast – $18.90

It was pretty big and it wasn’t too bad either. It wasn’t anything special. It was just your average big breakfast platter with some crispy haloumi. Except one thing. The egg was overcooked. Now fine, I understand if you overcook one once in a while, but I’ll tell you this now, every single egg, which was served here, was overcooked. I mean come on!

Eggs Benedict – $16

To start off this one, the egg was overcooked. Which according to me already fails the requirement of an eggs benedict (sadface). While it certainly looked tasty, the next miss was the hollandaise sauce. Far too creamy, rich and acidic. It was the kind of sauce which cuts through every flavour in the dish and eventually gets you sick of it by the end of the meal.

Haloumi Stack -$15

Certainly the prettiest one but again, it was nothing special. Mushrooms were nice though so I guess that was a plus. Oh, did I mention? The eggs were overcooked.

Java Coast Cafe on Urbanspoon

So far, not so great. But hey, I’m not going to judge Brisbane from one café. The eating continues.

Yes, naturally, I found myself here. A successful burger chain in Japan opening in Australia? Of course I was going to be here. For those who don’t know, this burger joint made its mark on its notorious rice burgers. Which basically combined the flavours of an Asian rice dish into a nifty easy-to-eat burger form.


The menu was quite interesting. With a lot of a lot of Asian influence in the fillings being offered, I obviously went for the okonomiyaki rice burger.

The Okonomi – $5.95

I know, it’s not pretty but it didn’t taste as bad as it looked. I love that delicious brown sauce you get with Japanese food which basically drowned the delicious omelette and the rice buns were nice and fluffy. The only complaint I had was that towards the end of the burger, it just became rice. At least all the carby goodness made it a filling dish!

MOS Burger on Urbanspoon

Being ok-satisfied with my burger from mos, I still had a craving. So we ended up here. A Korean fusion burger joint in Brisbane which, from what I heard, had some pretty raving reviews. The place was nice and cosy, and had some awesome options. From a build-your-own burger section to a set menu for options like bulgogi burgers or pork belly burgers, I was drooing. So we got ourselves a bulgogi burger and pork belly burger.

Bulgogi Burger – $12

So. Good. The brioche bun was cushiony soft and left a subtle sweetness at the back of your tongue. The beef inside was well cooked and perhaps a bit too dry but man. Those flavours were out of this world. Sweet, spicy, little crunchy, little soft. Also the chips were amazing but we literally only received like 5 pieces.

Miso Smoked Pork Belly – $12.50

Not as good as the bulgogi but a bit more tender, the pork belly burger was definitely worth it. With a more subtle flavor approach than the bulgogi burger it definitely belongs inside a burger. Again, seriously? Only 5 pieces of chips?

Miel Premium Homemade Burger on Urbanspoon

All up, Brisbane had some disappointments but it also had some great options. Since I was there for work, it wasn’t always go out and eat wherever. Maybe next time I visit, I’ll be a bit more fortunate to find some more well-known joints.


3 thoughts on “[SPECIAL] A Brrrrisbane Adventure

  1. grabyourfork says:

    I can’t imagine Brisbane being cold, but omg MOS burger! So sad their only outlet in Australia is in QLD!

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