Rustic Pearl, Surry Hills

If you’ve been down Crown St lately, you’ve probably heard about this place. No fear, FTC is here:

Located just a short walk down from Messina (or just around the corner from the park), you’ll find yourself sitting at this nice little café.

Despite it being nice and rustic inside, we opted to sit outside since it was such a nice day. Although I have to say, the pretty noticeable decline on the ground was a bit awkward to sit and eat on.

But enough chit chat, onto the food. Now before any of that starts though, look at their water jugs. The lids are oranges and pears.

Yes, of course the first thing I thought was “can I eat it?” but seriously, I think this might be borderline too hipster!

Lets get onto the drinks first.

I was pretty tired that day, and definitely needed something more to pick myself up. With Turkish coffee being on the menu I was more than happy to indulge in that intense shot of caffeine. On top of that, we also ordered a Turkish apple iced tea.

The coffee was incredible bitter and strong but served with Turkish delight makes the match of bitter and sweet perfect. In fact I don’t see myself having the coffee by itself, it’s just far too strong. The iced tea was super super fruity and refreshing. Also look at it, aesthetics man. It was also packed with fruity, vegetable, minty, flowery goodness. Get it!

So far, things were going pretty well, but how’s the food? To test this we got ourselves a wagyu omelette and a lamb burger.

The eggs itself was fluffy and soft and combined with the chewy piece of wagyu wrapped up inside, it was pretty nice. The serving size is decent but if you’re hungry, you should probably opt for something bigger. Otherwise, it was a pretty nice brunch dish.

Obligatory extra egg, just look at how delicious this is! Firstly, lets be real. It’s unrealistic to try eat this with your hands, this needed some advanced deconstruction. The lamb was packed full of flavours. It was sweet and tangy thanks to the mint yoghurt and the meat itself was relatively tender for a burger. The bread also had this delicious chunky nutty sauce which complemented the flavours superbly. The only problem I had was I learnt it was quite difficult to cut through Turkish bread with a knife.

So overall, Rustic Pearl is a friendly café with some fast service. It was cute and the food was pleasant and it’s just somewhere nice to spend your afternoon.

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