La Banette, Glebe

I’M DONE, I’M DONE, I’M DONE, I’M DONE. Goodbye exams and university, see you in 3 months. As for you all, you’re about to witness a bunch of new posts and of course, a bunch of new foods. Lets begin shall we? Say hello to La Banette (I don’t know what it means)

If you’ve ever been down Glebe Pt. Road, chances are you’ve missed this little rustic French bakery. Sitting right next to Clipper Cafe, be it breakfast, lunch or a quick snack or dessert, you’re certainly going to want to stop by. For me, it was lunch time and it was the time for feasting.

Walking in was a petite (look I’m French) sitting area. With a capacity of I’d say about 20-30, I for one am glad it wasn’t during peak hour. With a nice little bakery window showing off it’s delectable tarts and pastries and another window showing off their off-the-chops savoury menu,I was drooling at a nice steady flow.

Now be it lunch, and be our sweet tooth, we went screw it, por que no los dos with the food. So to start things off, some drinks. Simple iced mocha and coffee:

Ice cream was nice and creamy and the coffee had a great strong flavour. That being said, the iced mocha was more like an iced chocolate if anything. If they could tone down that chocolate sweetness or bump up the coffee, it would make it perfect!

Now, what did I get for food? 1) Ratatouille Tart (of course, this is French!) and 2) A Beef. Burgundy. Pie. Quickly, I want to talk about that:

Ratatouille Tart – $6.50

Yum!!!! The Ratatouille Tart isn’t the nicest looking thing in the world, but I can vouch for its taste. With the vegetables inside boasting a nice tender touch and that slightly spicy ratatouille sauce with it, it was certainly a great choice. With the zucchini only being a bit too chunky for my liking, overall, I’d order this again.

Beef Burgundy Pie – $6.50

Yes. There it is. My baby. Oh man. Ooooh man. This was amazing. If you wanted an at-a-glance opinion, there it is. But if you want a little bit more detail, here it is: the pastry was incredible, it was nice and crispy when I cut through it and it was gorgeously buttery. And the meat. Melts-in-the-mouth goodness. So generous with the filling and the sauce that it’s cooked in had a bit of sweetness from those meat juices and was just so flavoursome. What’s that? You want to see inside? Well alright:



And now, onto desserts. You’re probably drooling over that pie. It’s cool. Let it out. To make things simple, we got a cronut and a creme caramel.

Cinnamon Cronut ($3.50) and Creme Caramel ($6.00)

Now lets start with the cronut. It really was nothing special. In fact, below par if anything. Which was a real shame! The pastry was a bit tough and the inside wasn’t fluffy at all. Felt stale almost. But no, a cronut is only half a French invention, don’t let that be representative of how the other desserts are because that Creme Caramel. Yes. Get in my belly!

With the creme inside being so rich and flavoursome, it was so pleasant to eat. Being a science mystery, it managed to stay in shape when you first dig in but let that touch your mouth and it just reduces into a sauce (almost like a panna cotta!). The only let down was the base was a bit too firm. Difficult to cut in. But otherwise it was spread over with caramel and was good enough for me.

So there we have it folks. La Banette, a French bakery run by French people (yeah, they spoke French, authenticity levels peaking). If you never noticed it when driving past it before, it’s time you do, and I guarantee you’ll never forget it afterwards either (dat pie).

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