[SPECIAL] delicious. Love to eat. – One Delicious Cookbook Launch!

Do you know what time it is? Yes, that’s right, Valli Little with another brand spanking new cookbook. Of course, I got to sample some recipes. So why don’t you have a look:

To be honest, Harper Collins and Valli Little’s last book “delicious. Love to Cook” was my first ever blogger event, so naturally, being at her next one has let me reflect over how the blogging life has been since the first. And yeah, it has a soft spot in my heart. Being her NINTH cookbook, it was quite a feat. With this book taking the focus of cuisines all around the world, it was something I was indeed excited for.

Now for the launch. This time, instead of being hosted inside a little kitchen tucked away in Williams Sonoma, the launch was big and hosted in the vibrant and beautiful Potting Shed in the Grounds of Alexandria. So ridiculously lively, walking in felt like I was in some sort of Hollywood film where they have tea parties.

And yes, that’s real fruit and flowers used as decorations. What a place to launch your cookbook! The only downside is that the place lacks airconditioning, and it was literally 40 degrees that day. Sweet Sweat baby jesus.

Coming inside we were greeted with delicious Grant Burge wine, which unfortunately I couldn’t even have because I drove 😦 But from what I heard, it was quite nice!

But now onto important matters. The food. To begin the day of sampling, we were first given the most amazing platter of meats and cheese and olives from the Potting Shed to ready up our palettes.

So good. The meat was of fantastic quality and went perfectly well with the cheese. The selection had great variety and I even liked the blue cheese (which is rare) as it gave a really mild pungent taste but delivered heavily on the nuttyness!

The only downside was that they took it away from us before I got to eat my satisfaction’s worth. But that’s okay, there was plenty more to come.

…Like corn cakes! Now I’m not going to lie. I was actually really disappointed in this. Maybe it was my unfortunate batch but I felt the cakes were incredibly dry and bland inside. The only thing managing to lift the flavour being the little dollop of Mexican green sauce and the cherry tomatoes. Could’ve done with more corn, could’ve done with a little less cooking.

The salmon on the other hand was lovely. It was nicely cooked and the tangy sauce tied all the flavours together. Also served on a bed of pearl couscous, it gave it a very interesting chewy texture. Strange but delightful with the tender salmon.

Lastly, we had desserts of course. The Japanese cheesecake was incredible! Definitely a crowd favourite. With the cheesecake boasting a texture like none other, it gave an almost tamago-like fluffyness to it. It was creamy but a bit firm and the flavours were great. Served with some raspberry sauce, it was great!

All up, I’d like to firstly congratulate Valli on the success of the delicious. series with the ninth release speaking for itself. I’m looking forward to cooking something out of it with my own copy and I think you should pick up one yourself and try it with me!

Oh and when we walked out, Redbull was conveniently giving out free ice blocks in the sweltering heat. I ain’t complaining.

Me and Confessions of a Glutton enjoying our free delicious sticks

Also the Potting Shed is an amazing venue. You should check it out at least once!

The Potting Shed on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: I was invited by Harper Collins and ABC Books to the cookbook launch, however my opinions about the food and the book remain my own.


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