Kansas City Shuffle, The Rocks

When you first get to Kansas City Shuffle, you see a driveway into an apartment car park and a takeaway window, but no entrance! It’s when you realise that the drive way actually divides the cafe in half that you know that something is already different about this place.

You walk in and see all these old, worn down walls, which look like they’ve been there forever and you’d be right. That’s because Kansas City Shuffle is located in the ground floor of the old Cadbury Factory, which is classified by the government as a heritage site. Then you’ve got the modern interior, which I was told was designed by the owner himself, Benny Sweeten and then made by his twin brother Jimmy.


Spring Lamb w. Black Barley Salad

To start with was the spring lamb and black barley salad. The lamb was great, it had a nice crisp to it on the outside and yet somehow it was so juicy and tender on the inside. Everything in this dish worked nicely together, with the chewiness of the barley, the strong flavour of the lamb and the sour but refreshing tang of the yoghurt.


KCS Style Beef Brisket & Waffles

Now I’ve tried chicken and waffles before and so I was more than excited for the KCS style beef brisket and waffles. The waffles were made so well, they were probably some of the fluffiest waffles I’ve ever had and they tasted great. However, eating it with the beef brisket was a bit dry so make sure you get some of that runny egg yolk with it!


Head Chef Kayne Mordini with the KCS Cuban Sandwich


KCS Cuban Sandwich

Ok so for those of you who have seen the movie “Chef” you would remember that the main character ends up selling these delicious cubanos from his food truck. Well that’s exactly what I thought of when I took a bite out of the KCS cuban sandwich. You’ve got the toast which is covered in buttery goodness and then you get a bite of that pork belly which is just oozing with juices and flavours. This was easily my favourite dish out of the ones I tried.


Chia Pudding w. Seasonal Berries and Puffed Grains

Butter, cheese, waffles. Probably not the food you’re dietician recommends you eat regularly (though that’s never stopped us). But never fear because chia pudding is here! The pudding looks deceptively dense, but the reality is it’s actually quite a light and airy dish. I actually quite enjoyed it, as it wasn’t too sweet for me and overall it was quite refreshing with the added coconut and mint.


Chiffon Pancake w. Lemon Curd and Cream Cheese Parfait

Finally, we had the chiffon pancake. This was fluffy on the inside with a slight amount of crisp on the outside, just the way I like it. I am personally a big fan of sour sweets and so really enjoyed the lemon curd, which added this intense sourness to the dish. The addition of the cream cheese was interesting, but I felt that the sour and dairy combination didn’t really work for me.


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