The Big Tree House, Rydalmere

Wow. It has been a while hasn’t it? Firstly, lets throw out an apology for all the readers. It’s true, this blog has had a break. A big one. When things get busy, the easiest thing to do is just jump on photos and post them on Instagram, right? The truth is, there’s more to it than just laziness (although I am pretty lazy…), but for now, I think I’ll save that for another day because I think I just found myself my favourite ‘local’ cafe. Ever been to Rydalmere? Well now you’ve got a reason to.


Now firstly, I didn’t get any photos of the outside or inside but you can take my word for it, this place is hella cute. Tucked away in a suburban street on 88 Calder Road (literally, it’s the only shop on the street of houses), this place has everything you want from a local cafe; parking, great chilled vibes and of course great food and drinks.

Coffee is from Campos and is very reasonably priced and made so so well. The flavour’s strong and full bodied, really hitting the spot for the morning grind. As for their mochas, they’ve really struck a balance between sweet and bitter and is perfect if you’re not too into the full caffeine hit. Also, if you’re a sucker for panela sugar (the stuff that looks like sand), I’ll be pleased to let you know they also have that for use.

Now as usual, lets talk about food:


We ordered 2 things; the Vegetarian Breakfast ($15) and the Prosciutto and Mushroom Salad ($14) and can I just firstly say, that’s an awesome price for such an awesome feed?

The Vegetarian Breakfast features some smashed avocados, grilled thyme tomatoes, eggs (your way), sourdough, asparagus and grilled mushrooms. Everything was fresh and so well cooked. With the eggs being scrambled just enough so it’s still fluffy  but bouncy, tomatoes extra juicy going perfectly with the thyme and mushrooms cooked so that knife goes right through it, it was just what I needed for a morning brunch.

As for the salad, it was simple and ingredients were fresh. Is there anything else you need for a great salad? The balsamic dressing pairs perfectly with  the selection of greens, mushrooms and goats cheese and that poached egg? You bet it was perfectly cooked and runny.

All in all, The Big Treehouse has easily become my favourite go-to cafe. It’s what every local dreams of for a cafe. Great food, friendly service, plenty of parking, great value and the sort of place you’d go if you’ve got a book to read, some work to do on the laptop or people to catchup with.

Big Tree House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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