My Photography

I’ve always loved photography, something rewarding about it. I first got my DSLR for Christmas in 2010 shooting with the kit lens for well over a year. I started up a tumblr to put out my photos and eventually got some gear upgrades and decided it was time to get serious about it all. From now on, you can take a look at FTC’s very own sister blog LDP by clicking below:

On this blog, you will find my favourite photos and my progress in becoming better and better at what I do. Here’s a sneak peak:


What’s in my Camera Bag?

I’ve been reluctant on adding this section, mainly because I don’t want to give people the wrong impression that a good camera = good photographer! It’s about how YOU use it! Now of course on top of my mobile phone camera (there’s nothing wrong with using this), I carry a set of a hobbyist.

In the bag:

– Canon 6D

– Canon 24-105mm f4L

– Canon 50mm f1.4

But I get lazy too, so the camera doesn’t go with me everywhere. Best camera is what you have on you.


2 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. Your photos are absolutely magnificent! I was scrolling though your instagram feed, and liked them so much I had to find out more about your process. Thanks for sharing! Your lighting and mood is so consistent throughout all of your photos. All of your photos come across as so thoughtful and yet totally effortless. If you’re ever in Atlanta please come take some shots of our pies!

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