Pub Life Kitchen, Ultimo

It’s a Friday night and all we are really looking for is a nice quiet place where we can relax and enjoy some great food. Now if you’ve ever been into the city on a Friday night, you’ll know this description is quite rarely used. Then comes Pub Life Kitchen, located on a quiet street in the suburban part of Ultimo, it could easily be mistaken it for one of the homes in the area (save for the small sign at the front that says Pub Life Kitchen).

Known for their crazy burger creations that change every Wednesday night we knew that we’d have to try as many burgers as we could during our time here. We go ahead and order ourselves three burgers and a side of cheesy polenta chips with jalapeno mayo.

Cheesey polenta chips with jalapeno mayo ($8)

First up, the chips. These were extremely creamy and fluffy, and if you are a fan of polenta you will definitely love these. It’s quite a rich dish especially with the addition of cheese and I was quite glad for the inclusion of the jalapeno mayo, which helped cut through the flavour.

Cheeseburger ($17)

But of course you want to hear about the burgers, so let’s move on. Starting with a classic, the cheeseburger. With two slices of jacked cheese, some pickle and copious amounts of ketchup and mustard, this burger is juicy, messy and packed full of flavor.

The pattie was a bit undercooked but this didn’t really affect the flavor and I’d rather a bit undercooked than over so I had no complaints there.

The Bird ($18)

Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard. Yes you guessed. The Bird is the word. It’s quite possibly one of the best burgers that I have had in Sydney. And it’s not just because they added Doritos to the chicken that suddenly made the burger amazing, in fact you can barely taste the doritos and they mainly just give the chicken some extra crunch. It was something in the batter that I couldn’t really put my finger on but it just tasted great and on top of that the chicken was juicy and tender. If you are getting a burger this is the one I would recommend.

The O.G ($18)

Finally, we have the O.G. I just felt like this was a *healthier looking version of the cheeseburger with a bigger pattie.The beef pattie in this one was a bit too salty for me and I didn’t think it was anything special. *Fight the Craving takes no responsibility if you do decide to eat this burger and it turns out to not be healthier. 

All up I thought the Dorito fried chicken was crazy enough but having looked at their previous wicked creations I’ll definitely be coming back here on a Wednesday night. I was surprised at how relaxed this place was, especially on a Friday night, so if you are happy to go a bit out of the way, would definitely recommend.

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