[SPECIAL] Candelori’s, Smithfield (A Sweet Menu Launch)

It’s that time of the year again. That’s right. Finals have finally kicked me in the butt and now I’m paying the price for eating out. But you know what? Worth it. In fact. I went to Candelori’s a few weeks back so why don’t you kick back, relax and take a read of this awesome menu launch (I really really really should be studying right now):

So what was the night all about? Well, in celebration of a launch of a brand new dessert menu, Wasamedia invited me along with familiar bloggers such as Mademoiselle In Sydney, Snapshots of Food, Go Bake Yourself and many more.  Imagine a lotta bloggers. A lotta pizza. And a lotta desserts. Lets get started, shall we?

To begin our night of dining, we were greeted with an awesome selection of Candelori’s delicious woodfired pizza from a colourful vegetarian one to a meaty sausage one.


Firstly, lets begin with the crust, in my opinion, the heart of a good pizza. I’ll admit it, I do have a soft spot for Neapolitan styled woodfired crust. With a nice subtly burnt flavour on the outside and that signature woodfire crisp to that fluffy soft and aerated interior, what’s there not to love? Candelori’s does a pretty good job with that. But like with any pizzas, don’t leave it too long, crust isn’t immune to soggyness you know! The Iazio was quite nice. As a vegetarian dish, the flavours worked very well. I do love me artichokes and zucchini flowers, so I guess their extra bite and flavours really lifted the dish.

Pizza Quattro Otto

Next up we have the Pizza Quattro Otto. What really makes this dish a little bit different is the use of Speck instead of regular proscuitto. This gives it a much more robust smoky flavour and a bit more fat to go with that meat (so good). Thinly sliced too and serve with that amazing buffalo mozzarella and scarmoza….I’ll have 3 more please.

Salsiccie e Funghi Porcini

Now this is what I call my kind of dish. Meaty…check. Mushrooms…check. Truffle fragrance…check. The pork sausage was very tasty leaving the palette with its nice meat juices. The mushroom-y flavour was out of this world ESPECIALLY paired with dat truffle oil. And again, partnered with that amazing crust and awesome cheese really makes this one my personal favourite.

Now, lets get to the part we’re all waiting for. The desserts.


Okay, now lets really get down to the desserts.

Cannoli Ananas

Mmmmmm. Tasty. The Cannoli Ananas was a nice mixed plates of simple flavours. Starting with the yellow things, the housemade pineapple cannoli was so delicious. With its exterior boasting a nice soft but firm-initial-bite texture, along with a nice sweet pineapple flavours from fresh produce, it went incredibly well with the mousse inside. Around the plate was also crushed up meringue and some delectable blueberry and strawberry salsa. Presentation wise, it was nice but a bit messy but hey, in the flavour zone, delicioso.

Cassata Negativo

Hm. Yes. There’s a lot going on so let me deconstruct the deconstruction for you. The Cassata Negativo is basically a deconstructed Cassta. “What’s a Cassata?” Well I’m glad you asked, a Cassatta is a traditional Italian sponge cake usually jacked up with some liquer or juices and paired up with cheese or other creamy fillings. Given this, Candelori’s have decided to give it a bit of a modern twist by breaking it down and focusing on each aspect. Provided with a nice moist pistachio sponge cake smack bang in the middle of it and the elements of a cassata combined into the ice cream itself, it left me in a happy mood. On top of the great flavours, it was also surrounded by dehydrated mandarins and fairy floss (because why not). Great dish but presentation again was a bit all over the place.

Ferrero Rocher Sbagliato

I think the crowd pleaser. The Ferrero Rocher Sbagliato. A nice warm chocolate brownie topped by some gelato and on the other side of the plate, a delectable dark chocolate mousse with caramelised hazelnuts. Oh. And popping candy. The brownie itself was nice but could’ve been a bit more moist and fudgy but with the à la mode and that gelato, I guess it can make up for the slight dryness. The dark chocolate mousse was delicious and screamed of a hazelnut flavour, reminiscent of the ferrero rocher taste. And who doesn’t love popping candy? A simple but nice and unique addition to the dish. One of my favourite picks!


They’re doughnut balls. And they were so good!!! The Bombolini boasted a delicious ricotta & lemon doughnut served with  vanilla bean gelato and drizzled over with pistachios and honey and I could probably eat 10 of these. The doughnut balls were so incredibly soft, warm and so so moist but with that deep fried exterior giving it the most subtle crisp, it was definitely my favourite. Maybe I’m just overly simple…nah. It was awesome.

Semifreddo Arrancia Rossa

Now this one was more of a strange but delicate dish. If you don’t know what a semifreddo is, it’s not a half eaten freddo chocolate bar. Instead a semifreddo is more like a solidified custard/mousse. Given this, the texture was very soft but very silky smooth too. Having a subtle blood orange flavour, two sticks of nice and warm toasted marshmallows and a decoration of pearls and blood oranges it was an interesting combination. A very delicate dish indeed, quite impressive.


Finally, we have an Italian classic, one delicious pannacotta. The pannacotta was hazelnut based and was topped off by rosted nuts, strawberries and these little meringue bites. One of the biggest things I dislike is when my pannacotta comes out too liquidy (almost yoghurt like) but Canderlori’s managed to make it quite right. Stable and dense enough to not swiggle around on the spoon but not dense enough to be some kind of tofu. Just right. Served with a little dollop of strawberry salsa was also very pleasing and added a nice touch to it.

So that about wraps up my night at Candelori’s. With delicious pizza and a refreshing new dessert menu, each having its own unique touch, it’s certainly one for you to give a try if you’re ever in the Smithfield area. I personally really enjoy this family run restaurant and I’m sure you will too if you came to visit. Plus, who doesn’t love a lemon and ricotta doughnuts?

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Note: I was invited to Candelori’s on behalf of Wasamedia. What you read is my own opinion though. Thanks to Wasamedia and Candelori’s once again for the opportunity.