Paper Plane Cafe, Parramatta

Move aside circa, there’s a new cafe joint joining the party: If you’ve ever gone driving around Parramatta, looking for parking (we’ve all been there), chances are you probably have driven past this place. The small looking quirky cafe displaying it’s small plants and modern/rustic layout just begs you to come in and have a try. So that’s what we did. Greeted by the friendly staff, we opted for outside seating. But with a grumbling stomach and a craving for some breakfast foods, I wanted to get stuck into it as soon as I could. So lets jump straight into the menu. With a short and sweet menu for breakfast, lunch and drinks for things ranging from hot to cold, savoury to sweet and burgers to eggs, I was egg-cited. To start off the cold chilly day, we got ourselves the standard hot choco, lattes and flat white: With a Picasso blend, the coffee was strong and had a slightly nutty flavour which left the tongue. Big fan of it. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy. However, it wasn’t exactly a “hot” chocolate, with the liquid barely retaining the heat to melt those chocolate bits, it was a bit of a letdown. 10+ points for presentation though. Now to what everyone’s waiting for. Food, glorious food. With their nice variety we whipped up some pulled pork sliders, a vegetable platter and of course, baked eggs (chorizo to be exact). The pork sliders were so very nice and sweet. With the pork being (of course) tender, the sweetness of the sauce really held it all together. The mini brioche buns were also nice, fluffy and soft inside, an appropriate vehicle to deliver the burger to my mouth. Now the “Chorizo Hot Pot” (baked eggs basically) was a pretty simple dish. Not a very saucy dish and boasted a spicy flavour lifted by the chorizos along with a tomato based sauce. Filled with greens to convince yourself you’re eating healthy and a sufficient amount of bread, it was a great dish. Eggs cooked perfectly and it was literally overflowing with chorizos. No complaints from me. Won’t you look at that. Pretty as hell. This vegetable plate was plentiful and delicious! With the stuffed mushroom having a pesto and goats cheese filling and grilled to perfection, it was tender, salty, herby and awesome. Scrambled eggs were also fluffy and infused with truffle oil, just enough for you to have that mushroom flavour rolling off your tongue. Mmmmm. It’s the priciest of the three but hey, it’s got avocado!

So there’s Paper Planes for you. A new cafe joint in Parramatta with some great prices and some great food. Excellent place to spend a lazy Sunday morning or have a coffee in your afternoons. Definitely am coming back to try some other things on their menu and I think you should come along too! Paper Plane Cafe on Urbanspoon