[SPECIAL] dish’d Launch Party!

There’s something really special about PR events. The people I get to meet are amazing, the food I get to try are amazing and the whole atmosphere is jut so..alive! Now here’s the story of this little company called dish’d and boy, do they know how to throw a launch!

First thing’s first, lets talk about the venue. The Establishment in Circular Quay was the choice of the night and holy..that’s one sick bar. Walking in with marble pillars and table tops and going out to the back to a gentrified, grungy looking bricked backroom with a glass roof…oh yeah. I was already excited; did I mention the fact that I love atmosphere?

Now of course, you’re probably all firstly wondering “what the hell is dish’d?”. Well lets take a few steps back and let me explain the whole situation. Good food. Frozen. Delivered. I know what you’re thinking “…wait frozen?” Yep. Pretty much what I had in mind too, but with the night I had and the food I’ve had…keeping in mind it’s frozen food…you’ll probably have your second thoughts too.

Oh did I mention, dishes also come introduced by one of the best chefs Australia has to offer, Jacques Reymond? Not too bad is it.

Let me continue from where I left off. So you walk into this amazing bar ,you’re greeted by like a million people, there’s live music:

Champagne going around (who can resist a glass of Moet):

and BAM, food stations. Everywhere. From sections such as Seafood & Pasta to Dessert bars sampling a huge range of the products available on the site…man I knew I was in for a painful night of getting full.

With people behind the counters preparing all the food and demonstrating the ease of transforming frozen to goodness, I was ready to eat. From meat to seafood to pasta to pizza to salads to desserts. You better get ready too.

Now, I’m going to apologise. There’s a lot of photos. So many that I’ll only be talking about them very briefly. Again, keeping in mind that everything was once frozen and now..what you see, lets get this ball rolling with a prawn and crab mezzelune:

Pasta stuffed with seafoody goodness, the prawn and crab mezzelune with cherry tomatoes sauce was a nice small dish. With the pasta only being a tiny bit firm in my opinion and the sauce being a bit underseasoned, I thought it was a nice simple dish.

Now my personal favourite, the lamb backstrap served with some cauliflower bake and pesto sauce. With the lamb being cooked actually quite nice and juicy, I was thoroughly impressed. Pesto sauce was also a winner and cauliflower bake complementing them all. Would I have it again? Definitely.

Next up’s the Squid En Papillote. With the squid being a bit too soft for me and not really giving that nice chewy texture, this one wasn’t too much of a winner for me. But the flavours of the semi-dried tomatoes, eggplants and zucchini really gave it a nice lift in flavours.

*bzzt next in line* Scallops with couscous. The couscous was nice and flavoursome with a playful amount of herbs, the scallops however were quite watery and a bit cold in the centre. Given that they were frozen, this probably could’ve easily been avoided by defrosting completely and cooking for long enough but with the load of people coming in, you can’t blame them. Also I think jeroxie got a nice bit of ice with it. The couscous as a side dish is good though.

Ah yes, Ratatouille. One of my favourite vegetable dishes. With veggies incredibly soft and warm and being served on the little crostinis which gave it that super crunch, this was another personal favourite. Will definitely order the Ratatouille one night. It had some great flavours.

Pizza. Glorious pizza. And I’m not going to lie…these pizzas were actually killer. The crust was so fluffy but crispy outside and oh lord that spinach and mascarpone pizza…get in my belly. I’ve already ordered one coming its way. And lets not forget the old faithful mozarella and pesto. These were actually great. The mascarpone was so creamy and delectable. With the saltiness derived from olives, it was awesome.

Moving onto these little cute things. Petit Gratins De Crab, or as I like to call it, little-crab-things. With presentation being cool and all with the little crab shells, I’m going to go ahead and say I wasn’t too big of a fan of this. With the overall flavour being quite bland, I think I might pass. But hey, if mini-crabs is your thing, go for it!


Omg. The desserts. So many. So little photos taken. I can’t believe this is all frozen (minus the ice cream, I can believe THAT’s frozen). The chef you see above was preparing a crepe suzette. So citrusy, a little bit bitter but very nice for frozen.

A table for desserts. Yeah. I ate pretty much all of them.

Yep. Tiramisu. Mascarpone was so nice and creamy and delicious. Coffee flavour was very pleasant. The only bad thing I have to say was that the savoiardi was too soft for my liking. A bit of firmness in that part of the cake never hurt anyone.

Oh. And ice cream. So much ice cream. Unfortunately by the time I got mine, it had already melted too much but I can tell you right now, it was so creamy and sweet and nice. With the choc-top-kinda ones having more of a solid exterior, it was very tasty.

Now, that pretty much wraps all the nice photos I managed to take. But there was so much more. From Asian cuisines like Thai Green curry, cheesy goodies and carby goodies, the variety was insane! Now when I’d put this up against restaurant quality food, I can’t say that it’s a game changer. But when I put this up against frozen food. Yes. It’s the best I’ve had for sure. Not to mention how affordable it is (remember those kick ass pizzas? they’re like 7 bucks).

Is dish’d a game changer in home eating? I wouldn’t say so. But it’s definitely a big step forward in the way we eat conveniently at home. With next-day delivery options and very affordable prices, I can see it really setting a higher benchmark for your supermarket goodies. While I wait for my box, you should check out stuff you’re interested yourself. Everything here is orderable and hey, if you can’t cook or don’t have the time, this probably is your second best option.

Check out: https://www.dishd.com.au/

And again FTC was invited by RocketComms and dish’d but his opinions remain his own. Thanks again for the invite guys!