[SPECIAL] Three Williams – A Boozy Brunch, Redfern

I know, I’ve been here a million times, but when you love something this good, it shouldn’t hurt. Besides, this day’s a little bit special. New menu items? Yes please. Argentinian Wine menu? Double yes please. Let’s take a walk down Three Williams again, shall we?

Now, to give you context, the team at Wasamedia are just simply amazing. With the launch of some brand spanking new food items at Three Williams and a partnership with Exclusive Vines for some incredible paired wines from our friends in South America, their Boozy Lunch Brunch was one event I had circled and highlighted on my calendar.

From the regions of Salta stretching down to even Patagonia, these wines were definitely exclusive. How they play with your tastebuds as you slowly enjoy your food? Well, we’ll look into that shortly now won’t we?

Now first up is a new menu item, the Chorizo and Haloumi stack on a fresh slice of sourdough. Now chorizo is a good meat to me. It’s robust in flavour and the fact that it spicy gives it that cherry on the top. Working with a spicy, salty meat like such has huge options to create some contrasting flavours and with this dish, it’s done exactly that. With their chunky cranberry sauce placed on top of the stack, the sweetness really lifted the flavours of the smokey meat. Also having that bed of spinach and eggplant was probably needed to balance out the saltiness from both the meet and haloumi and it also gave it a nice fresh texture. And of course, a sunny side up egg makes this dish a winner for me.

This particular dish was paired with the Del Fin Del Mundo Chardonnay from Patagonia and boy was it a great pair. The wine had a very interesting character. While half of my palette was set on this being a nice dry chardonnay, the really delicate bubbles which it delivers gives it a light sparkling flavour. Leaves the palette with a nice sweet touch too so again, pairs incredibly well with the salty, spicy meat of chorizo.

Unfortunately I didn’t get shots of the other wines, however, you will hear about it anyway so in case you come by, you can pair it with it too!

Next in line was the chorizo and squid salad. No, that’s not a typo, there was even more chorizo. In fact, there were so many large generous chunks of chorizos on this plate that I don’t think it classified itself as a salad anymore. No, that’s not a bad thing. Along with the chorizo, there was also a reasonable amount of squid and my oh my, was that squid amazing. It was outstandingly tender to the bite and had a great grilled flavour to it. And of course, walnuts and salad for a nice crunchy, fresh feel and dressed with balsamic. I’m surprised to say, I really liked this salad.

This salad was paired with the 2012 Tomero Torrontes. With a nice fruity aftertaste of lychee and orange (I believe), it boasted an interesting flavour with its acidity and one that definitely went well with the salad.

Now this dish shouldn’t be new to any of you. And if it is, why are you still here? Triple. Fried. Battered. Chips. I don’t even need to describe this because its still of amazing quality.

Let’s save some time, you can read about how amazing it is here: http://bit.ly/1Ah79eV

Next up were the onion rings. To answer the question you’re asking, yes, it was as crunchy as it looks. Incredibly crunchy. And I love onions. The flavour they bring are so naturally exciting. I use onion powder in things, I eat my sausage sizzle with 90% onions and I love onion rings. The battery was nicely seasoned and ridiculously crunchy and the onions were well, onions. And delicious.

Now let’s talk about narnies:

First in line was a lamb narnie. Now, I’ve had my fair share of narnies before and in pretty much all cases, they have been mint. But I dunno, maybe they switched off the cooker a few hours ahead of schedule or maybe it wasn’t marinated enough but the lamb was just dry and a bit firm to be labelled slow-cooked. Thankfully there was some eggplant having a little bit of a moroccan cumin taste to it. Did add a little moisture back in. And siracha mayo. Could’ve done with a lot more of that. Apart from the meat being too dry, still some great flavours.

Now we see in Exhibit B, the pork shoulder narnie cut in half. Now in this case, the meat was a bit better. Still a bit on the dry and tough side but there was plenty of other sauces and flavours to go around to distract myself a little. Boasting a chilli caramel, coriander, mint and a carrot slaw with distinct vinegar tastes to it, it gets the merits of being a very Asian tasting dish. The chilli caramel was wonderful and accompanied the dish perfectly.

Now the narnies were paired with a 2012 Uco Valley, Tomero Malbec. It was a fantastic red wine. Incredibly enjoyable to drink and a perfect accompaniment with the meaty narnies; especially with the gamey flavour of the lamb.

Wow, what an amazing meal. See you next time guys, hope you enjoyed the re- Oh. Okay, I’m not done yet.

Of course, I was at a cafe so I got myself a coffee too. Fantastic coffee as usual but something you might have missed if you’re the grab and go kind of person; ‘The Indian Chief’. Can you see a face with his headgear on? Absolutely incredible latte art right there.

Also, to end one incredible special event, Three Williams provided one very special cake. Now for those who don’t know (like me at the time), Three Williams does functions and catering and here’s the cool part: for these kind of services, their incredibly talented pastry chef whips up a tailored cake using fresh and seasonal ingredients. In the case of a blogger event, I can’t imagine a better way to wrap up one with a buttload of meat and wine than a nice fruity cheese cake. Picture a creamy cheese and yoghurt body scattered with various berries and topped with a berry jelly and fresh delicious fruits. Now put it on top of a sweet and delectable coconut biscuit base and you have one very special cake to end one very special event.

Now, here’s a nice photo to sum up foods and amazing people and I’d like to just say personally again, thanks to the amazing team at Wasamedia for having me and for the great company of other bloggers I had. There’s never a dull moment with you guys and I look forward to the next one!

Three Williams delicious wine menu and their new and old menu? You need to go try it ASAP!

– Lawrence

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