Element 6, West Ryde

Easy to get to. Check. Minimal waiting time. Check. Great food. CHECK!

Nowadays it seems like it is getting harder and harder to find a place that can satisfy these three criteria, but Element 6 is able to do just that.

For a Sunday morning brunch we arrive at Element Six and are seated a table outside within a few minutes. Service is friendly and efficient and the workers there seem like they are genuinely having a good time. The harsh summer heat is beginning to creep up on us and so we begin by ordering a couple of ice coffees and their “green” smoothie.

The green smoothie was pleasant. It was sweet and deceivingly healthy. On the other hand, our iced coffees drenched with ice cream carried a nice strong flavour without sacrificing that sweetness from the ice cream we all love. Great complements to our food….

“Forget The Diet French Toast”

On the menu the dish is called “Forget the Diet” and that’s exactly what I did. The French toast was rich and buttery and much softer than I am used to. However, eating it together with the bits of toffee really added that extra crunch texture that it needed. You can’t ever go wrong with Serendipity ice cream and this added a well-needed cold aspect to the dish, but it did take away from the sweetness of the mascarpone.

Beach Brekky

Next, we have the “Beach Brekky”. I guess I expected a dish that would remind me of relaxing on some remote beach off in the Pacific but when it first came out, I was quite disappointed. Presentation wise, it didn’t look very appetising and I’ll keep my initial impressions at that. Nevertheless, we gave it a shot and were instead quite surprised.  The porridge had a minor coconut after taste, which went quite well with the toasted sesame seeds. I personally would have enjoyed it as a small dessert, rather than an entire breakfast dish.

Foxy Sunny

Finally, the special for the day, “Foxy Sunny Eggs”. Man these guys really like naming their dishes. Look at how beautiful that dish looks! This was easily my favourite dish and the thing that made it a winner was the beetroot puree. I don’t know what they put in it, but the puree and had it on a piece of bacon, eggs and the toasted flatbread, it was magic in your mouth. I hope the dish is still there next time I go because I’m definitely ordering it if it is.

So that about wraps it up. Whenever I’m in the mood for brunch and not wanting to make the trek to Newtown or Surry Hills, this is the place I’ll be going to. I’m definitely interested in coming back trying the rest of their menu and who knows, this could be a favourite of yours too!

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