Four Ate Five, Surry Hills

Hello fellow foodies, yes, yes, another Surry Hills review, but don’t worry, this one is worth taking a look at, so tune in:

So here we are, back at Crown St. By now you should probably know about how to get to this street of wonders so I’m going to skip the convenience part. In fact from my last review of Mad Spuds, it’s literally right next to it, that’ll give you an idea of where it is. And yep, it’s another cute little small café. With the inside seeming a bit dark, we opted for outside seating, just because it was a nice day out anyway.

After being approached by some nice and attentive staff (despite us being seated outside), we decided to order some refreshing ‘Stolen Recipe’ iced tea.

The tea was actually really pleasant! It was super refreshing with the perfect amount of sweetness to it, which didn’t compromise the aroma of the tea. Great accompany to the food!

For the food, we ordered two dishes, the Moroccan baked eggs and delicious creamed corn with poached eggs (we like eggs)

Moroccan Style Baked Eggs – $17

First up’s the Moroccan baked eggs. I love Moroccan flavours. They have that distinctive cumin spice flavour along with other things that sort of tickle the tongue. This dish did a fantastic job of capturing that. Along with the sweetness of the tomatoes, which managed to balance it out, it was a great complement to the soft-cooked eggs. The bread served was only a tad too hard which made it a bit difficult to eat, but other than that, a great pick.

Homemade Creamed Corn with Poached Eggs – $17

Oh yes, creamed corn with poached eggs. It might sound like a simple dish (and it is), but it’s the way you do simple which makes a dish. That creamed corn was out of this world! So creamy, so sweet and so tasty. I can’t believe how well it worked with the eggs. The eggs however were slightly overcooked but still had some runniness to it. It was also served with some bacon which is always good and some butter. Together with bread, it was a match made in heaven.

So, that’s what we gathered from Four Ate Five. Another Surry Hills café with a great range of dishes. The staff were friendly and lets not forget, it definitely ticks the hipster requirement. It was nice and I’d probably come back, but given the ridiculous wide range of places to eat along Crown St, it’s not going to be an easy decision.

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