Devon on Danks, Waterloo

I do love the original Devon down on Devonshire street…but now that they have another one…I’m not complaining. If you’re bored of the Surry Hill joint, feast your eyes on Devon on Danks (St):

Located in Waterloo and pretty much only convenient to get to with a car, Devon on Danks is quietly tucked away in the small street, Danks St (who would’ve thought).

Walking in, it felt like a completely different restaurant however there were the little things which gave it that devon touch. The shade of the wood, that signature devon font and just the decor gave me that reminiscent feel. If you ever need to open a branch, that’s how it should be. Not exactly the same, but having the little things which work towards the original place.

That being said, the food on offer is vastly different. With new items boasting a more premium feel (and a more premium price), it was interesting to see how a change of location gave it a complete change of food. One addition we’re all familiar with…

Glorious cronuts (being prepared right in front of you too). Oh and donuts too. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon. Let’s worry about real food first.

Now given the whole menu shake-up, I was excited to see what they can whip up. So we went for some daring and something normal; their Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham dish and Breakfast with the Sakuma’s.

Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham – $19

Now this is one pretty dish. Look at it. Presentation wise, on point already. Now lets delve into the flavours. The green eggs with hams had a mixture of different textures and flavours throughout. With the pea puree being that swirl around the plate and a green tomato ketchup being the star for the egg, the flavours were there but not as exciting as they could’ve. With the pea puree having a great amount of flavour and texture, it was sparingly used. The sauce on the other hand was rather dull.¬†Also, while I love the idea of a 63 degree egg, in this setting it wasn’t the best option. Too runny and it mixed up too much with the other textures. Still, an interesting and pretty nice tasting dish. Just not up to the hype.

Breakfast with the Sakuma’s – $24.50

Now the breakfast with the Sakuma’s was a different story. This one hit the nail on the head. There’s nothing I love more than a perfectly cooked salmon. It had just the right amount of sear on the surface and inside was just tender, delicate, fatty, salmon meat. The miso flavour wasn’t apparent enough however, which was a bit disappointing. Also in this setting, the 63 degree egg fit perfectly. The egg whites and yolk sort of just become a super delicate dipping sauce and it didn’t interfere with anything else. As a complement to the salmon, eel croquette and mayonnaise, it was amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed this one. Only problem was, yes, I was still hungry afterwards.

So that’s why we got dessert:

Pork Floss Cronut – $6.50

My god. When you first think “pork floss cronut”, it’s not appealing. In fact you’d probably be turned off by it. Do not let it deceive you. This thing was delicious. Firstly, everyone knows how a good cronut goes, crispy on the outside, nice and fluffy on the inside. Yes, this was a good cronut. But lets just talk about the merits of its flavour. Pork floss is a very sweet and salty kind of meat and you’d typically be eating it on a savoury dish. But throw that with a sweet mayonnaise and oh boy, you’re in a whole new world of confusion. The sweet mayonnaise which was injected was exactly what the pork floss was, sweet and savoury. But together the sweetness really piles on (so yes, it’s certainly a dessert) and the savouriness is there, but just not as prominent. It was perfect for me. Since I’m not too much of a sweet tooth anyway.

And yes. Don’t worry, they also serve normal cronuts. This one was a raspberry sugar coated one with some vanilla cream inside. Yes it was pretty good, but nothing too extraordinary. If you want something special, get that pork floss man.

And that’s pretty much all we have. The restaurant is gorgeous. The food is a bit pricey and a bit of a let down in some cases and the cronuts are amazing. Should you come down here? Yes. But I can only vouch for 2 dishes I had.

Now I’ll leave you guys with my favourite photo I took of the place. Only because it’s just so clean, the lighting is amazing, it gives a great motto and it gives you an idea of how nice this restaurant is.

Stay curious everyone,

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